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Oodua group warns Yoruba leaders never to trust Fulanis peace moves, warns against military coup

A Yoruba group, Apapo O’odua Koya, (AOKOYA) has issued a Press Statement warning all Yoruba leaders never to trust the Fulanis moving from one state to the others in the Southwest for peace settlements.

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In a statement signed by Mr. Ahmed Korede available to SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS, he said the Fulani peace moves should not be trusted, he added that they must not use the issues of insecurity to carry out another military coup to perpetuate Fulani rule in Nigeria like all past experiences.

In a statement on Tuesday, Apapo O’odua Koya, (AOKOYA) said the consultation was another plot to delude the South West and create an opportunity for the Fulani leadership to buy time and consolidate on its stronghold on Nigeria. The group said the Yoruba will resist any plot by the Fulai saying that each time the Fulani is expected to hand over power, it stages a coup to create a dubious pretence. The group said what Nigeria needs now is ethnic self determination and nothing more. “There is no half measure; Nigeria is faced with only one honest option: Ethnic Self determination. This is not the time for military coups or dubious plots to keep the Fulani further in power.”

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AOKOYA also said the Fulani leaders should be aware that the game is up having been at wits end. The group said in recent weeks, some Fulani leaders have been criticizing the Federal Government adding that critics are not honest. “It is a crafty way to give the wrong impression that they are not part of the orchestrated plan of Fulani conquest,” AOKOYA said.

‘Peace and reconciliation without restitution is false, it is a decoy. Reconciliation without truth and justice is like a armed man holding on to stolen items at gun point and calling for a truce” Apapo Oodua Koya, (AOKOYA) said in a statement signed by its official, Mr Ahmed Akorede.

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AOKOYA said going around meeting Yoruba leaders when armed men remain entrenched in Yoruba forests is a diversion. ” Coming few months before Presidential election shows the Fulani does not want to hand over power but is rather up to mischief.

The group said when an army is calling for a truce, it is usually informed by two things: To dig in and consolidate or to divert the attention of the enemy from its real intention. Honest truce can only come on the basis of equal strength, equal opportunities and balance of power which are absent at the moment.

“There can be no truce or reconciliation when all the security apparatus are in the hands of Fulani, there can be no reconciliation when Yoruba self determination activists are being hunted and those who killed some of them are free men on the streets of Nigeria. There can be no basis for dialogue when the Fulani are not ready to concede or even share power but are determined to conquer and subdue the rest of the country through the forceful, armed occupation of Yoruba forests,” AOKOYA said.


Akorede said Fulani leaders always look for safety when they have been pushed to the wall. “In 1966, they staged a coup after creating the 1964 Western regional crisis using Gen Yakubu Gowon to deceive the people; in 1976, after using him, they staged a coup that brought in Murtala Mohammde, in 1983, they staged a coup to truncate democracy, remove Shehu Sagari, one of their own known the public resistance was thick, brought in Gen Mohammadu Buhari, when done with his populism, they brought in another military ruler Ibrahim Babangida in 1985, they did the same in 1993 when they brought in Sani Abacha and again in 1998 after a surgical end for General Sani Abacha which produced Gen Abdulsalami Each time, they create a false sense of radical change aimed at consolidating Fulani rule,” AOKOYA said. The group cautioned Yoruba leaders to beware of Greek gift and to be suspicious of the plot of the Fulani hegemony to keep Nigeria as its private property even in the midst of misery and deaths.


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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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