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We Have To Take On-Board The Experience Of Previous Attempts In Strategizing For The Future

We will need to build from the bottom and not the top if we must get there. We must take on this battle in bits and pieces. Pushing in this direction is an easier task than setting up a brand new platform.

It is on the above premise that I call on everyone, irrespective of party affiliations, to put Kogi State uppermost in our hearts than pursue personal vendetta or promote any form of parochial euphemism in the guise of seeking justice.

The people are suffering and need sustainable programmes and projects that can provide meals on their tables and monies in their pockets than being made spectators of the battle of wits amongst political gladiators.

Such resources could be invested in people-oriented programmes or donated to charitable organizations.

We should encourage everyone to put the bitterness of electoral loss behind.

I speak because I’m a Kogite.I speak because it is my civic right to contribute to the development of Kogi State, under a democratic system. I speak because many of our youths are wasting away, many are perishing in the sea just because they want to cross over to Ghana for greener pastures.

I speak because Kogites are not very much proud to be Kogites even on Kogi soil-many now wish to be prisoners in western countries than live in Kogi as free citizens.

What is responsible for this?

Arise Oh Compatriots and demand for State. The youths are the leaders of tomorrow, let the tomorrow be now. Enough of lame excuses. Kogi needs a national policy on development. Who can tell me where this state will be in the next ten years in terms of development? Enough of the directionlessness,Enough of the visionlessness.

Let Kogi be truely led by those who have sincere interest in leading her. I may not be able to hold the political offices of influence, but with one voice we can determine how we can be governed.

Over twenty years of creation, we are still struggling and crawling as a state. This is not good enough.

Alfa Tijani, a media consultant, writes from Kogi State

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