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An adage in Yoruba land says ” Eegun to ba koko Jo, iran lo ma wo kehin” (the masquerade that dance first would become a spectator at the end of the show).

This is probably the best way to describe the situation in which some governorship gladiators in the State of Osun recently defied the party instructions or restriction orders. Many of them who can be seen working within limited funds rolled up their sleeves and went round the state gallivanting and selling their inordinate ambitions.

At intervals and different spots they were reported to have dropped their meagre cash and mostly without manifestoes but simply dropping names and making bogus promises.

In the real sense and under decency and party loyalty, this act certainly amounted to party indiscipline and by extension a direct confrontation to the sitting governor and a serious attempt to undermine him and to make him derail in his governance which ordinarily should be seen as collective responsibilities to every serious party members.

The reverse was the case in the last one month or two with each of the supposed gladiators trying to outsmart each other.

All gladiators are tired. None of them is rich to withstand the storm.

Money were reported to have exchanged hands, tongues and counter words have gone round the state but the “committed gladiators” are seriously waiting, consulting, overhauling their structures, drawing their manifestoes and waiting for the party bell to ring before they come out.

And sooner than later, it is clear that the men shall be separated from the boys to those who have lost money and to those who have maligned the sitting governor’s names and to those who have vowed or promised to reverse some of his policies.

Everything seem to be on low key.

The coast is getting clearer, the restrictions shall come to an end, and the public must have formed their opinions.

Let the music play on and let us see who laughs last



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