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All Progressives Congress (APC) publicity secretary, Kunle Oyatomi while speaking to journalists in Osogbo, Osun state has revealed conditions for Aregbesola’s sucessor.
Ahead of the 2018 governorship elections, he declared that disloyal members and those lacking in party discipline will not be considered as candidates worthy of flying the party’s flag. while speaking on Friday, September 23, he said the party remained a disciplined one and would consider loyalty, competence and quality in deciding who would earn the APC ticket.
He said the party would consider only those able to continue the developmental successes of the Aregbesola administration.

He also said:
“A saboteur cannot qualify. An undisciplined person cannot qualify and a person who is not ingrained in and with all the developments that have taken place under Aregbesola, cannot be trusted to succeed him.

“Anybody who has motives inconsistent with and treacherous in the main, against what Aregbesola has done can never, ever be the party’s choice in Osun.

“Also anyone who is looking outside Osun APC to win the party’s nomination will fail and therefore cannot succeed Aregbesola.”

The opposition PDP has boasted that it would overthrow the APC government in the state. However the APC in its statement said they would remain victorious.
Mr Oyatomi said Osun west senatorial district bye-election was not a proper gauge for the popularity of the APC in the state. figures revealed that the majority of votes that gave the PDP the victory came from Ede land- Ede North, Ede South and Egbedore.
“The Adeleke factor is predominant and sabotage by the APC dissidents added significantly to PDP victory.
“But as a district, Osun West is less than 20 per cent of the total votes needed to win the governorship.”
On why the APC lost the election, Mr Oyatomi said: “The first aspect is that the passing of the former senator, late Isiaka Adeleke created genuine sympathy that was politically exploited by his brother who succeeded him with the assistance of the APC members who sabotaged the party.
“The second aspect is that strategic errors were made, which we have identified, but we refuse to talk about. Those errors will not be repeated.”

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