Hon. Rotimi Makinde
Hon. Rotimi Makinde
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*_Where are the contenders and pretenders_* ?

Now that our party APC position is set to lift ban on gladiators to start showing their various interests as 2018 governorship election draw closer, the state of Osun has been essentially defined as politically different in nature.
We have seen an outpouring of previously, partially “hidden” ambition of so many politicians quiescent overhauling their structures and tactically positioning themselves to begin the race in the earnest. Some of them are now using that as an excuse to push forward their men, lieutenants and urgently building up mercenaries and foot soldiers, apparently to be led by them any moment to the field.
Once you are in power, never forget those who put you there; the electorates and the party stalwarts. Deal with those who think they can do better than you and those who think you are God’s representative on earth. Deal with each other according to his actions. This, I guess many often forgot so easily.
Without mincing words, Oshogbo and Ife cities have always wanted their sons or daughters to be at the centre. Therefore, in either of the party (PDP or APC) ,these two communities outlast in the forefront of agitators who will take over from the incumbent who no doubt has done his best to his people and by now writing his handing over note in embryonic stages.
Meanwhile, in any case, Ife would have been the target and the best for any of the political parties’ permutation in the interest of fairness and judgment.
The capital city of Oshogbo enjoyed the most patronage, enviable and good representation under each of the subsequent governments especially under the present administration when it becomes fit for a state capital status. Oshogbo is the home of the present deputy governor of the state for the past eight years, while the senatorial zone also produced the number sixth citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the person of Rt Hon Lasun Yusuf. The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives. And not only that, The Deputy Whip of the Senate, Senator Adeyeye is from the same zone, and also the Deputy Speaker of the State of Osun is also from this zone.
The current Chief of Staff, a gentle man to the core, is also from this zone, and more importantly the zone had produced two successive governors that served seven years and four years respectively with good records.
Ordinarily, Ile Ife behoves to be the best permutation for either of the political calculation but alas, the outgoing governor who is just completing his eight years tenure is from Ilesha, the same Senatorial District that hosts the cradle of Yoruba race.
The only reason that could circumvent the indigenes of ife, the city which undoubtedly contributes the bulk of the internally generated revenue and having the largest land mass and by extension the largest wealth of the state and seriously yearning to have their son or daughter to occupy the state house, this people may however find that as an herculean tasks. But definitely, it is not impossible if we are to be pragmatic with our submission.
This latest attack on the Attorney General of the state who is an indigene of Oshogbo comes after the previous destruction of the same EiD prayer’s ground said to have been facilitated by Dr Basir Ajibola, who has indicated his interest without any iota of diffidence to govern the state. He is qualified and if it is not for likely zoning he is certainly a very good hand to get the job. It is clear that these likely reactions arose from hidden ambitions of some other indigenes of the Oroki Kingdom, if not why not. He is the serving Attorney General of the State and certainly he deserves some honour in any gathering and not only as an indigene.
Give an Ife person such exalted position, I am very sure he would be qualified to even seat next to the Chief of Imam of ife.
Let someone therefore state ten reasons why Dr Basir Ajibola, Rt Hon Lasun Yusuf or Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola are not qualified? Then we could state 100 vital reasons why Senator Babajide Omoworare and many other gladiators from Ife are the most qualified, the reverse was said to be the case in the show of love or ego for the Oshogbo born Dr Ajibola Basir.
His crime must be connected to his intention to offer himself to govern the State of Osun.
Osogbo which happened to be his kingdom has the highest number of registered voters as at now, this became so after fitting Ife East local government to it. Regardless of this, I doubt if any Ife person can indicate interest for governorship slot and get booed by any indigene of the community in either of the parties. Not anymore.
There are lots of people with hidden ambitions in the State of Osun and one may not even know if the man sitting next to you is secretly nursing the ambition.

At this moment, there are some classes of people who adhered strictly to the rules and regulations of the party but chose to remain underground and tactically understudying the progress and scenarios to the admiration of some party loyalists.
There are other classes of people who jettisoned the instructions and going about making pronouncements and making movements and organising meetings and not waiting to be caught unaware.

Perhaps, there is no doubt in the spirit of fairness, as the pendulum may swing in the direction of Osun West Senatorial district in either of the parties, in that case, we may have to stop in the direction of the early entranced and this may be after we have all made enemies for ourselves as a party. This may be so and based on some political permutations and “calculations of convenience” though not fundamentally known to the law. This explain why in the recent, much of the gladiators are mostly from Osun West.
We have seen those who started in the earnest and we have noticed those whose ambitions remain under wraps but certainly as event is set to unfold, there would be many gladiators to heat up the polity very soon.

How I wish we can do away with zoning but I have to be tactical in stating this.
Although I have always believed in zoning as an apostle of fairness, all the same, how I wish we think beyond zoning for us to produce the best candidate. And as a die-hard lieutenant of Ogbeni Aregbesola; I know I am to always sue for peace between all gladiators and compromising where necessary.
If we all clamour for “Omo wa ni E je o se” politics, then all towns and villages are qualified.
Let us thread with caution because technically it’s going to be an election between APC and APC.

Conclusively, Hidden Ambition is certainly DANGEROUS, Ask me hundreds of time I would tell you I am not going to overheat the polity of governorship contest, come 2018.
I know about myself but not about you…..But hiding your ambition may ruin the good chance of our party and eventually destroy the good works of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.

Hon Rotimi Makinde is a former Honourable member of the House of Representatives, and Nollywood Actor, and Founder of Odua FM, Ile-Ife, State of Osun.

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