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OSUN 2022: PROGRAM of action declared by Akin Ogunbiyi as ACCORD governorship candidate (READ FULL TEXT)

IT is no longer news that a frontline politician, philanthropist and business mogul, Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi did his official declaration to join ACCORD from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at the Freedom Park, Osogbo, Osun State.  

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What is strange or new in the official declaration was the unfolding full text of the program of actions in the manifestoes released by Ogunbiyi to the good people of Osun on Tuesday as the governorship candidate of his party, ACCORD.

Ogunbiyi who is the founder of the IDERA DE FOUNDATION said among others that he will keep the state running if voted into power on July 16, 2022.


“Problematic Circumstances

Address by Dr. Akinade Akanmu Ogunbiyi, Osun State Gubernatorial Candidate on Tuesday, 26th April, 2022

Today, with humility and a sense of responsibility, I formally apply to the good people of Osun State to be their Leader on the platform of ACCORD PARTY, the only party that can UNITE our State and, indeed, Nigeria for PROGRESS. I desire to create sustainable impact and responsible governance in every dimension of the lives of our people.

I have been contended against unfairly, cheated and even blatantly robbed, all in my desire to passionately serve my fellow citizens who I dearly love and cherish. I have solved problems for big enterprises and conglomerates.

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I have helped to drive growth and prosperity for State Governments and even Nations. Why will I not serve my own people with the talents and experience the Almighty God has gracefully endowed me with?

I am a true and proud son of Ileogbo in Ayedire Local Government Area of Osun State.

I was born in this State and had my foundational education here. Riches do not fascinate me. I believe in wealth creation, creating impact in a leverage way.

That is, earning very high returns and functioning at high capacity when utilizing resources and facilities. Over the years, I have earned well-deserved reputation for drivingt he talent life cycle diligently and to the desirable fruition.

progressive development, productive transformation, skill acquisition and drastically improved livelihood. I will build men, women and youths as well be a beacon of honour and integrity.

My fellow citizens of Osun State, do not believe in the old and discredited playbook that your mind can be skewed and your actions determined by envelopes of money that is not from hard work and beneficial value-addition.

We must be guided by democratic norms, and value-adding acts of dedication, not noise, lies, vainglory and empty promises. We will be deliberate and disciplined and encourage every citizen, to take ownership of the Osun Development Project. We will all join hands, set the tone and achieve the urgently needed paradigm shift that will give birth to Osun State of our dreams. A leading State in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Demagogues promise quick fixes for complex problems. They are constantly pushing back to prevent or stall beneficial progress in order to maintain the status quo. They want to continue to pocket power in order to keep their privileges.

They are afraid of change and are therefore, constantly fanning embers of unproductive disagreements, resentments and disunity. They distribute money in order to fracture rational thinking and carefully thought-through decisions.

Definitely, we have unique and very useful skills in Osun State to enable us develop and grow our economy and drastically improve our well-being. My colleagues and fellow citizens of Osun State, our assets are for productive growth and not for usage to satisfy the whims and caprices of self-serving interests.

We do not have a ruling class in Osun State but great citizens with whom unique and value-adding insights can be engendered and defining actions encouraged and jointly taken.

We should be led, not surreptitiously managed to achieve narrow and selfish interests.

We want to collaborate for growth and development not divided by unhealthy competition or barren political grandstanding.

We love transparency and accountability, not a system of veiled and self-serving secrecy. We desire to be genuinely guided not suffocated with confused directives.

We are ready to change our mode from passivity to audacious risk-taking for a better life and a secured tomorrow for ourselves and our children as well as children’s children.

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According to figures from the National Bureau of Statistics, Osun State ranks among the lowest in employment and meaningful jobs as well as occupations. Although, there is a little growth in internally generated revenue, Osun state is the lowest among the States in the old Western Region.

Our domestic debt is also huge and unhealthy. At the end of last year (2021), it was N135billion.

Education needs to be strengthened in order to enable citizens maximize their great potentials. Our efforts in the area of education will therefore, focus on the relevant areas which will include science, technology, creativity and innovation. We also have challenges in infrastructure, healthcare, poverty eradication, job creation and security.

We cannot continue to be cynical about progress. We cannot continue to live with pretentious assumptions that this is how the Almighty GOD created us and positioned us.

We are determined not to allow self-serving individuals to continue to keep their power and also keep their privileges. We must stand up, get connected and together keep-off charlatans. Let us say NO unequivocally, to money mongers.who have nothing to offer. It is only character that defines us; also accountability, transparency, decency, honesty and fairness.

We cannot continue to shield dropouts, unserious minded people, novices and those that lack value-adding leadership experience. Progress is determined by things getting better every day. I want to engage and work with dedicated and well-meaning citizens of Osun State to faithfully deliver improvements in people’s lives.

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We must join hands and run together to create beneficial impacts, achieve excellent goals and hone-in laudable objectives. We should not run against ourselves for filthy lucre or for money, from questionable sources. Let us join hands and go for values and priorities that will make us stand out in Nigeria..

Do not tolerate chaos, corruption and the nastiness of our politics. You must without fear and determination, make a choice for your life, family and communities. We must reverse the trend of “one step forward and two steps backward.”

You must join hands with me and let us jointly work for our progress.and mental vigor.

Other examples:

From day one of going past the finish line of this very important election, you will experience, at first hand, consistent hard work The mantra of our government will be: INDUSTRIALIZATION.

We will immediately tap into the positive dividends of Nollywood to create huge employment and appreciable inflow for our very resourceful youths. We shall create a mega investment outfit to attract national and international investors.

We will give financial and technical support to small, medium, big and mega enterprises.

Mineral resources shall be turned into high yielding finished products with the support of local, national and international strategic partners.

I am an experienced farmer and practice technologically-enhanced farming. Osun state within the shortest period, will be the food basket of Nigeia.

Agro-allied industries shall be established in our smart Industrial Parks. Trade-based Cooperative Societies shall be established and well managed. Real Estate Development will be given the pride of place all over Osun State and not only Osogbo. We will develop and ensure planned, clean and beneficially integrated city centres. We will definitely be on course, for productivity and growth.

Our value-adding metrics will be on the rebound from the very first day of our tenure.

Our youths and women will be the first line of attention in our government. We will provide them with opportunities to develop as entrepreneurs by leveraging on the abounding opportunities in Information Technology, batik making and other innovations.

We can no longer behold our future generations waste away as a result of laissez faire or unserious attitude to the very serious business of governance, unemployment and deliberate abandonment when we can put their talents and skills into productive use for the growth and development of our dear state. I have a game-changing profile as a well-tested entrepreneur that always achieves beneficial results.

I have nurtured to blossoming-fruition products and corporate brands both in Nigeria and internationally.

1 pioneered a Nigerian conglomerate that is now in the driver’s seat of value-adding macro-economic activities in insurance, banking, real estate, transportation, agriculture, leasing and manufacturing as well as the pharmaceutical industries.

I, Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi is very well qualified to govern our dear State, Osun. I possess the quality and experience required to harness the vast State’s resources for productive and developmental purposes. I understand the needs of our dear State and promise in the name of the most high God, to use my talents, and know-how to deliver the much-needed values to adequately meet these needs to adequately benefit our hardworking people. We will have compulsory free primary education in Osun State.

We are mostly the beneficiary of this project by our well respected statesman and sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo of blessed memory.

I am assuring the entire citizens of Osun State of a prudent, effective and results-oriented government. We will by God’s grace, transform our State into a thriving, industrialised and modern state.

I present to you with humility, myself, Dr. Akinade Akanmu Ogunbiyi, a man with result-oriented administrative and leadership capabilities.

I am adequately prepared by education from highly reputable schools in Nigeria and the best institutions in the developed world. I am also sufficiently equipped with the much-needed skills, vision, capacity, character and competence to transform the State excellently, as your next Governor.

It is a solemn vow I am making to you today;

I will definitely deliver excellently, on this assignment and we will achieve great success with speed, quality, efficiency, shared commitment, visionary-thinking and best practices.

Thank you.”


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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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