Osun Assembly holds Public Hearing on Disability Protection Bill

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The Osun State House of Assembly on Thursday held a public hearing to gather inputs of the stakeholders on Osun State Disability Protection Bill.





The bill, sponsored by the Honourable representing Obokun State Constituency, Adewumi Adeyemi, aims at protecting the rights of Persons Living with Disabilities (PWDs) and to foster inclusivity in governance.






Deputy Speaker Akinyode Adewusi, representing the Speaker during the hearing, explained that the bill had successfully passed the first and second readings. Therefore, the public hearing was essential to consider potential amendments or additions to the bill.






“The bill aims to promote the development of persons living with disabilities, improving their quality of life, and ensuring their inclusion in governance,” said Adewusi.





“It also seeks to protect the interests of PWDs, preventing discrimination or intimidation among other residents of the state.”

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He emphasized that “if PWDs have the right to vote, they should also have access to government facilities, rights, and benefits in the state. The bill’s ultimate goal is to enhance the well-being of PWDs and provide them with opportunities for livelihood.”




The bill’s sponsor, Hon. Adewumi Adeyemi, explained that the public hearing was designed to allow stakeholders to contribute to the bill’s development. He noted that the bill had received suggestions and feedback from various stakeholders, all of which would be considered.





Adeyemi expressed confidence in the bill’s passage, stating that Governor Ademola Adeleke, who is supportive of PWDs, would assent to it after passing through the third reading.






Stephen Olufemi, Chairman of the Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities in Osun State, expressed appreciation for the Assembly’s public hearing and urged the House Committee to review the bill, hoping for its successful passage.

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In his presentation, Executive Director of Insight Initiative for Community and Social Development, Jare Ismahil Tiamiyu, urged the Assembly to consider some of the presentations made by the stakeholders.





Tiamiyu, whose organization also made presentation during the hearing, described the current Assembly under Speaker Adewale Egbedun as one that is working with the people of the State.





“The Chairman of our Board of Trustees, Oba Adekunle Makama Oyelude, CON, the Olowu of Kuta, sends his appreciation to the House. He urged the House to ultimately consider the presentations by the Stakeholders and promised his ultimate support to the project.”





Stakeholders also voiced their concerns and expectations regarding the bill, expressing optimism about its eventual approval.

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