Osun Lawmaker, Hon IREKANDU offers 39 Scholarships to out-of-School Children to commemorate 39th Birthday

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Honorable Adewumi Adeyemi Irekandu, who represents the Obokun State seat in Osun State, has given 39 out-of-school children in the area scholarships as part of his 39th birthday celebration.



According to Irekandu, the kids would be picked from different Obokun Constituency wards.



The young lawmaker said offering scholarships is nothing new, despite the fact that this year’s grant and figure are related to my turning 39. Some students in need from my constituency received scholarships from me in 2022.



‘Of course, I’m concerned about this issue and how it will affect the nation’s socioeconomic development. This prize is intended to encourage young people to improve in their chosen fields. It is a source of great happiness and excitement to see a child awaken and have access to a core education without being left behind due to certain restrictions, especially in light of the fact that education has evolved into the key to escape poverty’.



‘If we can transform these kids’ lives, I believe they will grow up to be change agents. This means that throughout time, there will be a rise in the number of kids attending schools. I am dedicated to reducing number of out of school children in my area’.



He added that Nigeria has the highest rate of out-of-school children in the world with almost 10 million, which is both sad and sarcastic. Although there have been concerns raised about these Nigerian children’s lack of access to education from all organizations, including NGOs, I personally must do everything in my power to lessen any hardships my constituents may be experiencing.


In order to give hope to underprivileged children and get them back into the classrooms, I have taken up the subject of out-of-school children in Obokun Constituency and, indirectly, Osun State.


These youngsters would often not have been in school, but we found them and paid their tuition at respected primary and secondary institutions in Osun. Children are a nation’s future, and Nigeria is no different.

The Honourable Adeyemi also raised worry about the inadequate budgetary support for education, which he claimed was a contributing factor in the system’s decline.

According to a recommendation made by the international community, countries should allocate 15% to 20% of their national budgets to education. However, the Nigerian Federal Government’s budget for 2021 only included a pathetic 5.7% for education. In 2022, the allotment was only marginally increased to 7.2%. The budget for 2023 includes 8.8% for education.

I thus implore policymakers to increase educational scholarships and fundraise more to aid Nigerians in need.

“I implore policymakers to act to get children back in school and off the streets because we cannot ignore them as the future’s leaders. It’s also crucial to upgrade the educational system for kids in Nigeria.”

Irekandu thereafter appealed to the Federal Government to give priority attention to education, to lift majority of the populace out of poverty.

“I want to appeal to individuals, corporate and government at all levels, to pay attention to the increasing number of out-of-school children numbers in Nigeria as it poses a serious challenge now and in the future.”

Irekandu then urged the Federal Government to prioritize education in order to help the bulk of the population escape poverty.

“I want to appeal to people, businesses, and all levels of government to pay attention to the growing number of out-of-school children in Nigeria as it poses a serious challenge now and in the future.”




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