OSUN: Re-election Without Industry May Go Hay-Wire By Abioye Tosin Lawrence

OSUN State Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke
OSUN State Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke
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In the fray of last  gubernatorial crusade, utmost Osun electorates might have had all their eggs in Governor Ademola Adeleke’s basket with the hope that industries would be a major concerns after 12years of APC which was largely focused on road network.





Few weeks agone, Governor Ademola Adeleke bagged “The Best Governor of The Year” by a Lagos based Champion Newspapers without feasibility and viability studies of any but proposed roads project ongoing symbolises dalliance with power, which the governor himself might have considered under the guise of steering clear from diaspora antagonists.




A German social theorist, Robert Michels, In his seminal analysis of the German Social Democratic Party in 1911, said that, all organizations, no matter how democratic their original intentions eventually come to be ruled by a powerful entrenched minority that, when necessary, will act illegitimately to squelch internal opposition and divert the organisations goals in order to maintain its power.



As a matter of urgency, one of the substantial blueprints to sail through the aqua of unemployment in the State is indecisively localisation of industries, rather than a divided house against prima intentions of  Democratic members who together wrestled power from the progressives in what was  rumoured that the state is in private hands and not exposed to idealists, but those who plays loyalty game.

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Albeit internal outcries by some anonymous leaders askance to have been sidelined, even as nominations of cabinet members underway to rejig the performance of the Governor, the communication and interaction between the major stakeholders in the state seemed “EBB” in what was described as the cause of time spent on litigation for reclamation of mandate as many still believed that, to say the administration is admitting error is too late to clear the score now.

To be modest, the kind of polity putting into practices is largely focused on romancing power, some are full-time politicians and once nothing is passing through their tables, it shakes and gives birth to deadly monsters. These has always diverts the initial frameworks of utmost omnicompetent entity’s ever had and reduced the hopes of many youths who are clamouring for better today to zero.

When you go to school in a country of ours and you know what you passed through, it kills off the ideas of many when there’s no enabling environment to cater for the over-stacked graduates, some would say they should provide employment for themselves. We met history of our Nation and how people were picked before their final project for employments, followed by free education, we deserve a better State and Country in our lifetime.

Any company where you see flame of fire and machines working assiduously, I want to believe that it’s where people are making legit money, not in this era of cybercrime and some offices furnished to welcome visitors with full of air conditioner.

Good governance starts somewhere and perhaps it can be our State, so that someone like Governor Adeleke, who was berated might set a record just like Christiano Ronaldo.

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It’s too early to throw weight behind him for another term or dolling out awards. The evidence of job well done greets re-election and honours, people should be firm instead of becoming sycophantic, they should help him to think, even as Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NPR) awarded some achievers in the state, it was not politically motivated, Oba’s, police, politician, technocrats were all involved, it was because they swept streets as “LEONTYNE PRICE” sang before the Metropolitan Opera.

Abioye Tosin Lawrence, is the Publisher of Orionframe Online Newspaper.

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