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About four months ago INEC
the general public of its willingness to issue voters cards to all eligible voters whose ages have attained required voting age of 18 and above. In addition to this, INEC is to register qualified electorates who lost their voters’ cards or who have not registered before to obtain it for the forthcoming elections.
In view of the above, eligible voters trooped out to seize the opportunity to obtain voters cards to enable them exercise their civic rights of voting the candidates of their choice. They are met with long wait and disappointments.
The pains encountered to get it done was enough to jettison the idea of obtaining the card. You need to wake up as early as 6am to register your attendance to enable you be among those who may likely be considered for the day.
Our investigations across the states revealed that eligible electorates of voters’ age patronized INEC offices at least three to four times on different days to get the temporary Voters Cards before the permanent cards.
It is worrisome that instead of INEC to persuade the people to apply for their voter’s cards to enable them exercise their civic obligations it is the other way round.
The equipments the officials were using are inadequate while attitude to work of the staff is nothing to write home about.
One wonders if banks and media practitioners work this way the economy would have collapsed long ago.
• It would be advisable for INEC to work out a modality for civil servants and workers in private sectors easy way to obtain their voter’s cards with ease. Majority of Nigerians do not have voter’s cards either as a result of their apathy in our political system or the pains encountered to get it done. This is too bad for the evolution of our democratic system.
• INEC should take the exercise with all seriousness it entails to make sure at least 95% eligible voters have their voters cards.
• The INEC staff should make sure they register as many eligible voters that are present for each day and they should not go home disappointed.
• They should open on Saturdays for at least five hours to enable it capture those who may not have the opportunity during working days of the week.
• The staff should be committed to this task that must be done for a new Nigeria.
Nigeria belongs to all of us, we must come together to salvage it for the good of all.
We do not have any excuse not to exercise our civic responsibility of voting for the candidates of our choice in the forthcoming elections.
If we refuse to vote we have no reason to complain of bad governance.
The officials at the top echelons of INEC should enforce discipline dawn the line to make sure staff resume and close at the official time and do their work dutifully. © August 23, 2017.

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