PATHETIC STORY: A farmer narrates how he lost 45 hectares farmland to Fulani herdsmen

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A retired Chief of Naval Staff, Vice-Admiral Samuel Afolayan narrated his ordeal in the hands of dreaded Fulani herdsmen that destroyed his 45 hectares of his farmland.
While speaking with journalists in Obbo-Ile, Ekiti local government area of Kwara State, Afolayan said the herdsmen burnt 20 hectares of orange plantation, 20 hectares of cassava farm and five hectares of palm plantation in his farm that is about 500 hectares.
According to him, the current havoc is estimated at over N200m, adding that herdsmen had been destroying his plantations for the past 10 years.

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“It (the destruction and burning of my farmland) has become an annual routine,. This will be the first time of letting people know what has been happening in the last ten years. It is the cow-rearers that have been damaging my things and right now there are about three cases in court.
Every year, my farm is burnt and we believed that it is not deliberate when it first started. They will go and arrest them, they will go the local chiefs and friends and beg them.
“When I looked at the people that are engaged in this act, I found that they are people of low means, I will release them. But as times went on, I discovered that these boys are being sponsored by people of means and outside Kwara State, I have of recent somebody who is put in detention who is from Zamfara State. The one that is in court is from Niger State. So most of the damages I continued to have are from the north. They carry their cows, mindless of the size of what you have or get, they destroy it with impunity.

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“No less than 20 hectares of oranges, five hectares of palm trees and twenty hectares of cassava had been burn or destroyed this year. I am not an expert or a valuer but my estimation is that the current loss is over N200m.” © January 19, 2018

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