PATHETIC story of a young man electrocuted, abandoned in LUTH with severe Sores

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SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS have an urgent SOS to save a young man electrocuted on September 2, 2022 while discharging his official duty.





We hereby seek the face of good Samaritans to rescue this middle-aged man identified as Friday Olatunji from dying.





For everyone reading this heart rending plight of this, I would enjoin you to always thank God for sound health, if you see or know what this 31-year-old Friday is passing through daily with severe wounds on hospital bed, you will appreciate what God has done for you.





We do not just seek to assist anyone if we have not done our proper findings to confirm the authenticity of the story to be true.




As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), on behalf of Friday, we are pleading for cash assistance to treat and discharge him from the hospital bed in LUTH, Idi-Araba, Mushin, Lagos where his parents, family and friends are helpless and have exhausted all their resources on him while his bills keep on increasing daily into over a million Naira.




His Ordeal:

According to the victim, his work is to erect water pipes on high rise buildings. He said he climbed the building to errect the pipes on that fateful day, not knowing there was a live wire he mistakenly torched.





The power flung him where his body was hung, his clothes was on fire before he landed on the floor from the top of a storey building. He was rushed to a hospital in Ajah where he was later referred to LUTH, Idi-Araba, Mushin, Lagos since September 2, 2022 till date.





The wounded parts of his body was an eyesore.  SOJ WORLDWIDE would have published the graphic photos of the wounded hands and legs but Google would likely sanction us if we do.




We have shared this same story on Facebook and Whatsapp three weeks ago,  what was realised from good Samaritans was about N28,000 out of over N1 million needed for him to be discharged.




We are begging you in the name of God not to just read and doing nothing without contributing, no matter how small. Health is wealth.




Please send your widow’s mite to this account,

ACCOUNT: 0236845921

We pray that any problem that will make people raise funds for you to save your life will never happen to you and your loved ones, in Jesus name.

For confirmation you can contact the victim, Olatunji Oluwaseyi Friday on +234 915 460 7306.




Thank you and God bless




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