PETER OBI Praises Tinubu For Managing A Bigger, Better And More Financially Viable State (READ FULL DETAILS)

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The Presidential  Candidate  of the Labour Party, Peter Obi has said that Lagos was more financially viable than Anambra State. He said this while speaking in an interview with Chude Jideonwo after he was asked a question regarding his performance in Anambra and that of Tinubu in Lagos.

Peter Obi said that all the past governors of Lagos did well, he said that Lagos was bigger, better, and a more financially viable state when compared to Anambra.

Anambra State

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He said that Tinubu did his best and he respects him as an elder brother but he met Anambra in a poorer state, performed without borrowing money, and also received notable awards.

Lagos State


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“If you check Lagos even in the military era, no governor in Lagos that didn’t do well…”

“Everybody that passed through Lagos did well. I don’t want to compare us but go and check critical measurable tools of development, it’s human development index, that’s what you’ll use to do. Yes, he managed the bigger better state, more financially viable state.

I managed a poorer state that hasn’t have the financial capacity but I was able in eight years not to borrow one naira. I didn’t borrow one naira in that poor place, I met up the little obligations that I could, I was given an award as the state with the best road connection, I was awarded the most prudent governor.

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Remember what I said, he’s my senior brother, he’s done well, he’s tried his best and everything and I respect him for that but where we are hiring a new manager will you hire him or me.”

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