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Peter Obi should represent Nigeria in lying at Olympics, lied against Yorubas – RENO OMOKRI (A COMPLETE PACKAGE)

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RENO OMOKRI is at it again, he is into another salvo against the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi












In his latest message, Omokri claimed that Obi lied in his claim that Tinubu asked Yorubas not to vote for him because he will build ports in the South South and South East against the wellbeing of Yorubas. 

This is a complete package, Omokri took his time to time to interprete his thoughts in Yoruba language.




Watch the Peter Obi leaked video released by Omokri in his Official Twitter Page monitored by SOJ WORLDWIDE on Monday, September 12, 2022:




This is the message that @PeterObi claimed is from @officialABAT. Something that IPOB by night and Obidient by day people have been circulating on the Net for ages? Is Tinubu mad to accuse Obi of wanting to build a port in the SS, when SS already has many ports?

Peter Obi, a man who refuses to defy IPOB sit at home orders in his own region, is spreading lies against the Yoruba. Accusing them of asking people not to vote for him because he will build a port in the SS. SS that already has at least 3 ports! No be juju be that?



Bi awon egbe IPOB se ma n se niyen. Awon eeyan Tinubu won kin se bayi. Bawo ni won se maa so pe ki Yoruba dibo fun Tinubu nitori ti won ba dibo fun Peter Obi, ilu won ni o maa ko ibudo si? Awon egbe IPOB lo so bee, kii se Tinubu.”









“Peter Obi just lost the majority of Yoruba vote! See the way he lied against Yoruba leaders.




Accusing them of wanting to suppress South-South Ports for the benefit of Lagos Ports to economically weaken the Igbos.





Talking down on Tinubu. Mocking his health and wealth. He sounded more like Nnamdi Kanu.





That is the real Peter Obi we saw. The one we have been seeing is the audio Peter Obi!





Leaders of the South-South should tell their people that that allegation Peter Obi made against the Yorubas is a BIG LIE!





The South-South and Southwest have a long common history. Some of the first schools built in the Niger Delta were built by Awolowo. Peter Obi cannot spoil our age long brotherliness by lying that the Yoruba want to cripple South-South ports to benefit Lagos’ economy!





Perhaps Peter Obi should represent Nigeria in lying at the next Olympics to guarantee that Nigeria brings home Gold medal.

He can lie for Africa.

How can Yoruba leaders ask Yoruba not to vote for Peter because he will build a port in SS, when SS already has many ports?






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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

BSc Agric Science

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