Plots To Kill TSTV Before Launch In November 1, 2017 Uncovered

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A grand plan to make TSTV a still birth have been uncovered by an Investigative Journalist, Media Consultant and Human Right Activist,  Fejiro Oliver.

In his recent press release, Fejiro who is also a Co-Convener of Coalition of Human Rights Defender (CHORD) revealed the conspiracy of DSTV, some eminent Nigerians and the Senate on a plot to make it impossible for a yet to be launched TSTV to come to reality.

In his words, the launch of it on November 1, 2017 “may soon be dashed, as TSTV may NEVER launch in life. This waiting may just be in vain, as billions of Naira has been deployed by DSTV to our nation’s regulatory agencies, third party channels and even our National Assembly to stop TSTV from giving us the Pay as you watch that we have long waited for.”


MD/CEO TSTV, Bright  Echefu

The activist said in his investigation said further; “not all; some of our National Assembly members have been bribed to also tag TSTV a terrorist organisation simply because the corporate body refused to disclose how they got the rights that threatens DSTV hold on poor Nigerians. It is a well-known fact that every business has its cherished secret and it will be suicidal to tell TSTV to disclose how they got access to the rights in their possession. It amounts to telling the Lawmakers to reveal how they won their opponents during the last election.”

Fejiro who was angered by the attitude of Nigerians against its own, said we should not allow a South African Company, DSTV to rip off the benefits we are to derive from TSTV largesse of Pay As You Watch. He advised that we should not allow foreign company to milk us dry at the expense of our own.

He said “ is terrorism to allow DSTV determines the satellite stations that will survive in our country of over N180 million people…It is a national crime and offence to keep patronizing DSTV with its high rate of subscription when a national carrier in TSTV is offering much more at cheaper rate.”

He said we owe it a duty to break the monopoly of this South African company just as we stood by Globacom when it came into the market to challenge MTN, which led to the freedom of per second calls we are enjoying today. If we can stand in solidarity then with Globacom, we should stand stronger now with TSTV.

He said further that we should reject imperialism and colonialism by all means. This is not about Bright Echefu, the Managing Director of TSTV but WE a people, one Nigeria that have no choice but to support a Nigeria product to break this monopoly of extortion. We have suffered too much and too long in the hands of DSTV and can no longer suffer again.

He said DSTV is planning to jam the frequency of TSTV to stop it from reaching our various homes when it starts to beam. In South Africa, they treat us like thrash; in our own backyard; they treat us like dust. In South Africa, we are treated as animals and in our own land; we are still being treated like second class. The same billions of dollars they made exploiting us, is same money used in bribing our own nationals to frustrate a project conceived by one of us.

The reggae star, Lucky Dube would still have been alive today if the assailant knew he was not a Nigerian. The killer killed the star thinking he was a Nigerian. Many Nigerians have been murdered for just no cause in a country Nigerians helped to gain independence.

The reggae star, Lucky Dube would still have been alive today if the assailant knew he was not a Nigeria. The killer killed thinking he was a Nigerian. Many Nigerians have been murdered for just no cause.

We have a lifetime opportunity to call their bluff off and a chance to make them beg for our attention is now.

He enjoined all to join this struggles and say no to imperialism in our own land by sharing this message.

 (c) October 21, 2017


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