Police Set To Arrest Manufacturers Of Auto-Change of car Plate Numbers (SEE VIDEO)

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The Nigerian police command has said that it will pursue manufacturers of auto-change of car plate numbers.

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A video showing a car equipped with a system that allows it to change its license plate numbers has gone viral.

In the video, the car’s license plate has two different numbers on either side, which can be switched around by pressing an automatic button. Nigerians have urged the authorities to look into this since it will make it easier for criminals to avoid capture.

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CSP OLUMUYIWA ADEJOBI, the spokesperson for the Nigerian Police Force, responded to the viral video by saying that the police would look into the origin of the automated plate numbers and pursue it. 

”We have come across this video which has gone viral. This technology is good but very criminal in our Nigerian context and it should be condemned. Every vehicle in Nigeria must be registered and have a number, not many numbers.

We will work with other relevant security agencies in this regard to curb proliferation and incessant use of fake or unregistered number, and even discourage the coverage of number plate with a leather cover.

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We will surely investigate the source of this and work against production, spread and usage of this kind of technology which has been seen and perceived as dangerous and inimical to our security.

We urge Nigerians to reject this technology and use of fake numbers, as its criminal and punishable under the law.”he said



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