PUNCTURING Osun APC’S 27 Compedium Of Lies By Sarafa Ibrahim

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Osun APC: Mismanagement of over N130 billion revenue accrued to the State in the last 12 months. FALSE

FACT: Data from a recently published document of Osun budget performance on BudgIT Openstate website, which can also be verified with publications on the Office of the Accountant-General and Nigeria Bureau of Statistics websites, put Osun share of FAAC revenue from Q1-Q3 at N61,791,671,831.96 and Independent Revenue at N27,405,272,559.69. The sum of both revenue source did not in anyway match the bogus figure quoted by the Osun APC.

2. Osun APC: Extra budgetary spending since November last year without the approval of the Osun State House of Assembly. FALSE

FACT: On November 23, 2022, the All Progressives Congress (APC) dominated House of Assembly passed the 2023 Appropriation Bill proposed by former Governor Gboyega Oyetola four days before the inauguration of Governor Ademola Adeleke. And Governor Adeleke recently sought and got the approval of the House of Assembly for the 2023 Supplementary Budget. Therefore, it is not just false but a fallacy for the APC in Osun state to claim that Governor Adeleke is spending out of budgetary provision.


3. Osun APC: Immoral allocation of N10bn to his office in the Supplementary Budget to take care of his comfort and expensive lifestyle. FALSE

FACT: The Governor’s Office is not restricted to Governor Adeleke’s office but several agencies, departments and units. No part of the appropriated fund is for Governor Adeleke’s comfort or expensive lifestyle as it is well known that he forfeited monthly security votes that was accessed by his predecessors. The fund is largely to replace movable and immovable public assets in the Governor’s office and agencies, departments and units in the enlarged Governor’s office, looted by the immediate past administration. Part of the money is to fund capital projects, such as the renovation of the State Secretariat and some selected offices and the Government House, which was left in a terrible state.


4. Osun APC: Spent N2bn on food, refreshment and entertainment in 3 months whereas in Kwara state, just N88m was spent for the same purpose in 9 months. FALSE

FACT: Data from a recently published document of Osun budget performance on BudgIT Openstate website put spending on meals and refreshment in the period under review at N456,401,071.13 as against the N2bn misleading claim of the Osun APC. It is worth noting that the amount quoted above was spent by the entire government, including tertiary institutions, for meals and refreshment at office and public functions.


5. Osun APC: Reduced budgetary allocations to key MDAs (Education, health, UNIOSUN, Youth and Sports, Rural Development, Water Corporation, etc) in order to accommodate budget for the Office of the Governor. FALSE.


FACT: Budget data showed that out of a total N5,980,551,000.00 voted for Osun State University (UNIOSUN) in the 2023 budget, N4,100,235,705.94 has so far being released from Q1-Q3, representing 68.6% budget performance. This same line of budget performance can be seen from the other sectors, but as usual, APC stood logic on its head and promote false narratives.

6. Osun APC: Running administration without cabinet meeting. FALSE

FACT: Since the inauguration of cabinet in June, 2023, Governor Adeleke has held cabinet meeting regularly in consistent with the Constitutional provisions. What the Osun APC has shown is sheer ignorance, making erroneous claim about what they lack information about.


Osun APC: Suspended 28 Traditional rulers without due process. FALSE

FACT: Governor Adeleke averted major crisis in towns across Osun state caused by the deliberate disregard for laid down rules, guidelines, traditions and even court orders by the APC administration in installation traditional rulers. Places like Ikirun and Iree had descended to violent crisis as people showed open rejection of the unlawfully imposed monarch’s by the APC shortly after its loss at the governorship poll. The Osun APC show of lawlessness caused the unfortunate loss of lives, destruction of properties, among other social upheavals. Governor Adeleke took action to restore peace and ensure sanity of our institutions, and contrary to the lies of the Osun APC, only a handful of traditional rulers was affected, as the Olupo of Olupona which the APC usually add to its erroneous claim celebrated one year in office few days ago, hence, defeating the lies of been suspended.

8. Osun APC: Sacked elected local government chairmen illegally and replaced them with unelected caretaker members. FALSE

FACT: On November 26, 2022, Justice Nathaniel Ayo-Emmanuel of the Federal High Court in Osogbo nullified the council election conducted by the Oyetola-led administration shortly after losing reelection bid. The court ruled that the YES or NO election was held in clear violation of the Electoral Act, 2022, and so, officials produced are not lawful and should vacate office. It is therefore an evil and irresponsible lie by the Osun APC to claim that Governor Adeleke sacked the illegal council officials, because available facts showed otherwise.

9. Osun APC: Spent almost one billion naira local government fund monthly. FALSE

FACT: This is a claim not supported by logic or any fact. Perhaps the Osun APC is confusing Governor Adeleke for former Governor Oyetola, who undoubtedly abused local government fund while at the helm of affairs.


Osun APC: Increased WAEC fee from N18,000 to N37,000 per student. FALSE

FACT: First and foremost, WAEC just like NECO, is an external exam, which Osun state does not have control over, including charges on services. Therefore, the claim by the Osun APC that Osun Government under Governor Ademola Adeleke increased WAEC fee is nothing but fallacy. It is important to note that WAEC had in July of 2022, about four months before Governor Adeleke took office announced a 29% increase in WAEC fee and this cuts across Nigeria, not just Osun state, hence only retard will attribute the change in fee to Governor Adeleke as the APC erroneous portrayed.

11. Osun APC: Sacked Rector of Osun State Polytechnic without due process and replaced with unqualified kinsman, Kehinde Alabi

FACT: The Rector of the Osun State Polytechnic is on suspension pending the conclusion of an investigation into allegations raised against him. This is the practice everywhere in order to ensure fairness and transparency in investigation, because it is against the principle of justice to allow a person who is under investigation to sit in the same office while it last. Mr. Kehinde Alabi was drafted in acting capacity, not because he’s Governor Adeleke kinsmen, but to ensure a thorough and unbiased investigation of the suspended Rector on allegations of misappropriation raised against him, and will step aside once the investigation proved the innocence of the suspended Rector.

12. Osun APC: Interrupted the academic activities in Iree on account of his unwholesome practice. FALSE

FACT: There was no disruption of academic activities in Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, except in the wildest imagination of the rudderless opposition in the state. While the examination of students was delayed for few days due to knotty management issues, but it was quickly resolved and students took their papers. At the moment, the Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, is in session, with academic activities going seamlessly, contrary to the misleading impression the Osun APC tried to create.

13. Osun APC: Reduced subventions due to tertiary institutions like Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke, Osun State University, etc. FALSE

FACT: Just like it goofed on the funding of the Osun State University (UNIOSUN), the Osun APC claim on subventions to public tertiary institutions in Osun state is patent falsehood. For the records, the Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke, the Osun State Polytechnic, the Osun State College of Education, Ilesa, the Osun State College of Education, Ila, and Osun State University (UNIOSUN) has accessed N719,896,77.00, N1,254,772,230.89, N288,802,591.87, N313,570,636.00 and N4,100,235,705.94 respectively as at the end of quarter 3. All of these represents a better performance compared to the quarter 3 of 2022 when the APC was in charge.

14. Osun APC: Increased the school fees of UNIOSUN students. FALSE

FACT: The Management of UNIOSUN had categorically denied claim of increasing the school fees of the institution. Ademola Adesoji, the University’s Public Relations Officer noted in a statement that “Osun Defender’s interpretation of the breakdown of the University fee is inaccurate and misleading. We urge the public to disregard such misinformation and seek accurate details directly from official University channels.”

15. Osun APC: Sacked management of Ilesa University without due process and recourse to the NUC. FALSE

FACT: Just as many other claims, this is also unfounded and misleading. Governor Adeleke inherited a deeply flawed process in the University of Ilesa, which would have hampered the sustainability of the school if allowed to stand. One of such is the unresolved question on the faith of staff of College of Education, Ilesa, after it transmute to a University, pitching the unions against the successful take-off the institution.


Osun APC: Dissolved statutory boards (OSSIEC, Judicial Service Commission etc) without due process. FALSE

FACT: On October 13, 2023, the Ibadan Division of the National Industrial Court invalidated laws made by Osun Assembly under the name State of Osun Assembly. Justice Dele Peters who was adjudicating on a suit filed by Chief Owoeye Abiodun and six others against the Osun State Government, its Attorney-General and four others over their purported dissolution of Obokun Local Government Education Board, said law of the agency was made by a non-existing State of Osun House of Assembly. Justice Peters ruled that any law allegedly made by such an illegal and unconstitutional institution whether it is called State of Osun House of Assembly or any other name is illegal, null, void and unconstitutional.

The clear import of the judgement is that, all boards, whether statutory or otherwise, set up under laws of State of Osun House of Assembly, which the court declared as unconstitutional, is nothing but illegal and it is in application of this lawful court judgement that Governor Adeleke ordered dissolution of the boards. The Governor acted legally to unwind the illegal actions of the Osun APC.

17. Osun APC: Appointed his Special Adviser as Chairman of Osun Independent Electoral Commission. MISCHIEF

CLARIFICATION: Barrister Hashim Abioye is a lawyer by profession and well versed in electoral matters. In fact, he was the one that first drew the attention of the outgone OSSIEC to the illegality of the October 15, 2022, local poll, but was rebuffed. That illegality cost Osun state over N2bn, which could have been saved if Otunba Oladitan and the APC had listened to the wise counsel of Barrister Hashim. Barrister Hashim is competent and capable, hence, the pettiness of the Osun APC. Barrister Hashim is a man of impeccable character and strict on laws and constitutionality, hence, guarantees a transparent and credible poll. It is also worth pointing out that the law that says an impartial/non political member shall be appointed as Electoral Officer is not applicable to SIEC.

18. Osun APC: Suspended the State Chief Judge illegally. FALSE

FACT: Governor Adeleke did not suspend the Chief Judge as claimed by the Osun APC, rather, he acted in line with the Provision of the 1999 Constitution (as amended). Governor Adeleke did not act outside the National Judicial Commission (NJC) as he had communicated to them and waiting for their decision on it. It is a public knowledge that Governor Adeleke is a man of due process and will not act outside the provisions of the laws as mischievously suggested by the Osun APC.


Osun APC: Failure to account for the N2bn palliative grant and N7bn share of the savings from fuel subsidy removal. FALSE

FACT: First and foremost, the N2bn palliative fund is not a grant but a facility that will be repaid back. And on utilization, Governor Adeleke at Ipade Imole on October 5, 2023, gave a detailed explanation on how the fund will be utilized. For the record, Governor Adeleke disclosed that the N2bn fund will fund the purchase of buses to complement the buses in the pool of the state, which has been repaired, for public usage. Part of the fund, according to the Governor, will fund rehabilitation of some healthcare centres while the remainder will go to the purchase of food items for distribution to the public. Procurement order has already been made already.

On the N7bn refund, the Osun APC continues to show its ignorance on the source of the fund and purpose. It should be recalled that Governor Adeleke is the first Governor to announce receipt of the N7bn refund, and contrary to the outright lies of the APC, the money is nowhere connected to subsidy removal. It was earned revenue of Osun state just like other State, which the Federal Government duly refunded it. While making the disclosure, Governor Adeleke said the N7bn will be used to fund infrastructural projects. Governor Adeleke has shown transparency and accountability, unlike what was obtainable under the APC where refunds are shrouded in secrecy and utilization a misery.

20. Osun APC: Inability to provide the needed palliative measure for Osun citizens as against what obtains in other states. Besides 6000 bags of rice provided by the FG, Osun didn’t provide additional rice. FALSE

FACT: On August 29, 2023, the Osun State Government began the distribution of the first batch of rice, which stood at 6,300 bags of 50kg. This was out of the over 14,000 bags of 50kg rice that was distributed across Osun state in three batches. The template for the distribution of the palliative rice was designed by Osun stakeholders, which has membership drawn from every segment of the state. In fact, the APC was among the socio-political groups that benefited from the palliative rice and just being mischievous with its unreasonable concoction.


Osun APC: Non of the committees (Mining and Solid Mineral Committee, Asset Recovery Committee, Obaship and Appointment Review Committees) set up through his Executive Orders some 12 months ago has seen the light of the day. FALSE

FACT: The Committees set up by Governor Adeleke through Executive Orders have completed their assignments, submitted reports and white papers drawn. The Adeleke administration is however tightening every legal issues so as to ensure that none of the findings will be faulted under judicial scrutiny. The unease of the Osun APC on the findings of the Committees is not unconnected to its past corruptions and abuse, which it feared will be unveiled through the release of the Committee’s findings.


Osun APC: Failure to fulfill his campaign promise of clearing backlog of salary within 100 days in office. FALSE

FACT: Governor Adeleke at no point during campaigning promised to clear owed backlog of salary within 100 days. The promise of Governor Adeleke, which can be confirmed from clips at campaigns and debates, is to see to the payment of owed salary, which Oyetola ignored for 48 months should he get elected. And one year in office, he has lived up to that promise by paying 3 months out of the 30 months half salary.

23. Osun APC: Lack accountability in management of state resources. FALSE

FACT: Governor Adeleke is open and accountable in the use of public fund. Ipade Imole is a forum purposely put up by Governor Adeleke to give account on public spendings and get feedback from the people aside the regular public engagements by the Governor’s media team to provide public account to the public. Under the Oyetola-led APC administration, the Osun people were treated with disdain as it totally shun giving account to the public, and was forced on a number of occasion by revelations to disclose receipt of refund from the Federal Government. Governor Adeleke, without any prompting disclosed receipt of N7 billion refund and how it will be used.

24. Osun APC: Awarding revenue collection to friends and cronies who first collect levies into their private accounts before remittance to government. FALSE

FACT: Available records of staffs or consultants tasked with revenue collection is at variance with the Osun APC ludicrous claim, as no friends or cronies of the Adelekes is engaged. It should be noted that consultants involved in collecting revenues in private accounts are inherited from the APC administration, who think their unwholesome practice can continue under the Adeleke administration, but has since been shown the way out. Revenue collection has been cleaned and that explains the surge in revenue that accrues to the state.

25. Osun APC: Lack capacity to block leakages. FALSE

FACT: Governor Adeleke financial discipline has blocked a lot of wastages and freed more money for the use of the public. This is why Governor Adeleke has been able to do a lot of things which the APC had through its ruinous years in government termed impossible.


Osun APC: About 200 health workers sacked on his assumption in office out of hatred for predecessor. FALSE

FACT: Upon assumption of office, Governor Adeleke stopped a dangerous move of the APC to dump its members on the state’s wage bill illegally. No health worker was sacked as falsely alleged by the APC and we challenge them to produce a letter of disenchantment issued by the Government to the fictitious health workers. The truth is that the Osun APC tried to illegally load the state wage bill with unqualified party members but failed.

27. Osun APC: He thus recruited without the needed advertisement. FALSE

FACT: Governor Adeleke is a man of due process and rule of law and anything that did not align with this principle will not get his support. Governor Adeleke will always ensure that all Osun citizens are given a chance at any available opportunity, especially in job recruitment, hence, his insistence on the adherence to the rule of law and due process. No kobo of Osun money was wasted as falsely alleged by the Osun APC.

Sarafa Ibrahim
Special Assistant to the Osun State Governor on Print Media



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