Re: Deconstructing The Lies Against Prof. Yemi Osinbajo & Dele Sobowale’s Diatribe by Rotimi Makinde

Hon Rotimi Makinde
Hon Rotimi Makinde
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I read with utter amusement the insulting words and uncomplementary diatribe against the reputable office of the Vice President of Nigeria, His Excellency, Professor Yemi Osinbajo from a certain columnist, Dele Sobowale.

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In Mr Sobowale’s vicious and treacherous column in Vanguard newspaper which was infamously decorated with the caption, ‘That bad news from the VP, Osinbanjo’ on Monday August 17, 2020 when he attempted to respond to an earlier publication in Vanguard, August 11, 2020, page 19, with the headline, “FG has started implementing Economic Sustainability Plan – Osinbajo” is not just misleading but also puts the professional competence of the writer in doubt.

To openly condemn the efforts of this government’s Economic Management Team (EMT) and Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) and their milestones as well as their indelible accomplishments is the biggest joke from someone who I believe should act like an elderstateman who love Nigeria and wish Nigeria well and not to act like a messenger of doom with no modicum of dignity and decency but only to continue to play the role of ‘the boy is good’ to his pay masters who are merchants of corruption having brought the country down to her knees socio-economically. Such a man like that should cover his face in shame.

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For the records, the Federal Government has truly commenced the execution of the sustainability measures contained in the Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP), and this is what everyone can investigate, nothing is hidden about this fact and I don’t know where Mr Sobowale got his own jaundiced narrative from.

I can also say this for free that this government has once again gained and added to the existing confidence and goodwill from the people when the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo made the disclosure of the commencement of execution of the sustainability measures at a webinar organised by Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) 2020 Presidential Policy Dialogue. This became more applaudable when he said that the ESP was developed with a stimulus package of N2.3 trillion to boost local production, prevent business collapse and provide liquidity across various sectors, especially micro, small and medium enterprises MSMEs. These are clear indications that this government is leading the best, most successful, most intelligent, most enlightened and most productive cabinet and government in the history of Nigeria.

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However in recent time, I have read many of such misleading and unfounded sensational comments about the APC-led government like this recent diatribe from Mr Dele Sobowale in the past and perhaps I erroneously ignored them but now realised I had done greatest disservice to my country by not correcting or reacting to such lies, falsehoods, innuendos and terrible stories that biased writers and hatchet men are bandying around against the government.

For the price that I owe history I think it is high time I activated my response mode in the spirit of national interest which is completely devoid of political patronage. The activities of these reprehensible writers are far too irritating and indecent, hence there is urgent need by all well meaning Nigerians to change the narrative so as to safe humanity from being lost completely. These are just despicable and unfortunate development in the anal of our national life and it must not be allowed to continue.

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Mr Adebowale should know that one of the ethics of his profession as a columnist or commentator is that he must adhere to constructive criticism and not mere vituperation or tantrums, he must be objective, balanced and write from informed point of views not using baseless statistics to tickle fancy with the aim to overheat the polity and pollute our decent democratic culture. It is so unfortunate that people could condescend so low all for a price.

It is really regrettable that Mr Sobowale will forget so quickly how the past government for 16 years “stole” and “wasted” Nigeria’s resources with impunity and how His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) and his able Vice, Professor Yemi Osinbajo led government are working to clear the rot that government left. He also could not appreciate how this administration fought and conquered recession in their first term and how they are currently confronting the impending recession occasioned by Covid-19 and fall in global oil price and other inclement and unforeseen economic challenges which evidences show they will overcome and thankfully their track records can speak for them.

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Nigerians were taken for granted too long and have vowed enough is now enough. No degree of blackmail and wicked scheming will make us return to the years the locusts had eaten. We have crossed the Red Sea and have no intention to return to our ugly past.
While the past government and their paid agents attempt to discredit the ongoing fight against corruption, expanding and growing the economy, infrastructure development through well measured interventions and policies, etc but they should be informed that they have already met their waterloo.

The assurances Nigerians can hold firm is that the APC will not fail the country like the wasted 16 years of the past government. While their propaganda continue to spew lies in its cheap attempt at opposition politics, President Buhari and his Vice, Osinbajo as well as their economic team are concentrating strictly on the important work at hand clearing the mess and rebuilding the country in all facets. Nigerians are wiser and they cannot be distracted through ugly narratives orchestrated by the fifth columnists.

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I have never met a leader more committed to the entity Nigeria than Professor Yemi Osinbajo (PYO), a man with so much commitment, dedication, confidence, passion and such a good communicator, excellent listener and someone we can conveniently call a moral icon.

As Vice President, Osinbajo has established policies that are more masses oriented and beneficial to the general public. Unlike past vice presidents, Prof. Osinbajo has won the trust of the President and the masses alike with his integrity and passion for a better nation.

His poverty and hunger fighting policy have earned him accolades from far and near including President Muhammadu Buhari, who on the 8th march, 2019, described Prof. Yemi Osinbajo as a “very dependable deputy” with whom he had established a special bond. Evidence further shows that Osinbajo has since the inception of this administration diligently championed the values of setting the foundation for peace, progress, and stability of Nigeria, by working very hard to build a resilient economy while promoting transparency and accountability.

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Prof. Osinbajo has displayed that he is not only a VP for Christians, APC or Yoruba’s alone but also, a VP for all religions, political parties, tribes and all geo-political zones in Nigeria. Those sponsoring hate and false news campaigns against a man committed to fighting poverty and hunger in Nigeria with his National Social Investment Programmes should show the world that non-partisan Nigerian or a hardworking and committed political leader that can be compared with Professor Yemi Osinbajo. It gives me profund conviction and joy that he is a Nigerian and one that has stood firm in all his ways to make Nigeria great again no matter whose ox is gored.

Hon. Rotimi Makinde once represented Ife Federal Constituency at the National Assembly and was Deputy Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Human Rights.

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