Hon. Rotimi Makinde urges the rich to remember the less privilege
Hon. Rotimi Makinde urges the rich to remember the less privilege
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Let the Mischief makers keep their mouths shut!
Obviously, those who want to kill the dog usually call it a bad name.

It is expected to see some corrupt minded people giving my “letter to Asiwaju” their own interpretation and colorations. It is expected to see detractors ,political dissidents and my competitors to make echoes of it by pointing out those holes with the mindfulness to make it clash with my political destiny.

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However, what is sacrosanct is the fact that I have chosen not to be like them, I cried for continuity for my party, I am deeply worried about any retrogression for my state and party ,i want success for my party and I want my mentor to land well,to land well is for him to be succeeded by an equally responsible person to continue his good work. Writing a letter and using Asiwaju’s name was a mere metaphor and a tool to challenge many progressive minded hearts, it was meant to be a wake up call to all our national leaders and for them to see winning Ekiti and Osun State as topmost priority.

Therefore, let no one think I have ran foul of procedural,take it as a signal that all is not well in our united camp and I should await punishment when it will hit me most. To think so is to be one of those minds that silently await our party’s destruction. I have simply called for promptness,i have always clamored for unification, I have seriously begged that we should not ignore grievances and that no price or sacrifices is too much for us to work in unity and to prepare to win Osun State back to back. No responsible party person should be seen working in parallel with the party or Ogbeni by now,not for any malice! You are either in or completely out.

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Besides,this is neither my first time to clamour for unification nor call for needful reactions as a realist.
I was very proactive in similar situation when it was very clear, Sen Hussein was to contest with cabals, Next is not about an individual, not about a senatorial but about our state,about our party and about our national progression.

Let the mischievous minds therefore use their eye glasses and read in between the lines and very correctly then leave behind their corrupt interpretation. APC is my party, my perception is positive and seeking that we jettison nepotism and bickering and to work for success for our dear party, Ife is my community,my ambition is better achieved with the success of my party. Sincerely, Aregbesola has broken many jinx and set records that must be sustained with all available resources and it requires collective efforts.

In conclusion,i feel fulfilled that my letter had achieved and reached the targeted leaders,today we now enjoyed relative peace and presently on top of our matters in Osun State. Therefore,let those sitting on the fence embrace peace ,fall back and seek integration in the interest of posterity.

Osun o ni baje..O ba je ti.

Hon. Rotimi Makinde ia a former member of House of Representatives, Chairman of Oodua FM (90.9FM), Ile-Ife and “Chief Servant” of Ife. (c) January 18, 2018

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