RELATIONSHIP (CSR): HARMFUL Effects Of S€xual Enhancement Drugs To Man (A MUST READ)

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This write-up was written by ‘Bosadex Cares’ lifted from his Facebook Page.


Sexual Enhancement Drugs ONLY DELAYS EJACULATION which, in street terms, means “LAST LONGER”.

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But the longer you last, the more pressure on your heart

Even during normal intercourse, your heartbeat rate increases by between FORTY and FIFTY PER CENT when you reach orgasm and about discharging.


Have you asked why most men sleep off after sex?

Now, when you take sexual enhancement drugs, it gets to a stage when you feel you have had enough and all you want is ejaculation.

But it won’t come.

To force it, you have to get the heart, ALREADY STRESSED, TO DO EXTRA WORK!! hmmm.

By that time, if your HEART is not strong enough, Baba God will just show mercy on you and call you home.

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And after initial shock, we start preparing your burial.

And walahi, if they fry puff-puff, I go chop cos I no go cry.

Let her call you “TWO MINUTES NOODLES”.

Don’t feel bad.

Let her go and meet her “ONE HOUR BEANS”.

If you last THREE HOURS, na only you and your partner know or whoever either of you tells.

It is not OLYMPIC where dem go dey cheer you and you will collect MEDAL after the race.

Above all, when you are above 50-55, don’t try to sexually impress any woman.


If you die, another man will take over the ‘stadium’!

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That is if that ‘stadium’ is not even being shared with someone else when you are still alive.

Just like Inter and AC Milan are sharing San Siro…!!!
Men, a word is enough.🤷🏿‍♂️


Bosadex cares

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