SAY NO TO WAR! LATEST casualties in Israel and Gaza

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CONFIRMATION was received from the Israeli military that more than 700 people there had been killed in attacks after a massive co-ordinated assault by Hamas militants that started early on Saturday.


The latest update from the Palestinian side says more than 400 have died after retaliatory strikes by Israel in Gaza.



Summary of news updates between Israel and Palestine:

Rescuers say they’ve found more than 250 bodies at the site of the Supernova music festival – which was one of the first ground targets during this unprecedented assault by Hamas.

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A German mother is pleading for information about her daughter, believing that she was kidnapped by militants at that festival. Several other nations say their citizens were caught up in the attacks.





Hospitals in Gaza are deluged after Israel began its retaliatory strikes.




Thirty-six hours after the latest hostilities began, rockets were still being fired from Gaza into Southern Israel, the BBC’s Alice Cuddy observed.




The US has upped its support to its ally Israel, deploying ships and aircraft to the region – a move denounced as “aggression” by Hamas

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