SEYI TINUBU, friends travel in Presidential Jet to watch Polo Tournament in Kano (NIGERIANS REACT)

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Some Nigerians have condemned the use of a Jet in the Presidential fleet by President Bola Tinubu’s son, Seyi Tinubu for a private trip to Kano State to watch a Polo tournament at a time Nigerians are groaning under hunger.





Polo is a ball game played on horseback, a traditional field sport and one of the world’s oldest known team sports, but it is the exclusive reserve of the rich and members of the ruling class in Nigeria.








This comes at a time when the prices of jet fuel are at an all-time high.

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SOJ WORLDWIDE learnt that Seyi Tinubu was likely attending the finals of the 2023 NPA Kano International Polo Tournament scheduled for Sunday at the Usman Dantata Polo Ground in Kano.



The Dangote Cup final between Golden Ranch and Agad/Rumbu started by 3.30 pm on Sunday while the Muhammadu Sanusi Cup final between the ‘winners’ and the ‘rest of the team’ was scheduled for 4.30 pm.





Seyi Tinubu’s reckless private trip using taxpayers’ money amid hardship in Nigeria mirrors what happened in January 2020 when the then-President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter, Hanan, took a private photography trip to Bauchi State on a Presidential jet.

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Jaafar Jaafar, a Nigerian journalist from Kano State and the founder of Daily Nigerian, wrote on his X (formerly Twitter) handle,

“Here’s Tinubu’s golden child, Seyi, traveling in a Presidential Jet to watch Polo in Kano. But this trend did not start today.

“Buhari set the bad example when he allowed his daughter Hanan to travel in a Presidential Jet for a photo tour in Bauchi. Even if our laws are vague on this, one thing is clear. This is an offence to the moral code of leadership.”

Another user, @belloinuwa, who also spoke on the misuse of special forces units in the country said,

“What about the misuse of a Special Forces unit as his bodyguards? See them in the pictures.

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“The other day he went skateboarding in Abuja with them running by his side. This is just a continuation of the culture of impunity from the previous government, perhaps on an even grander scale this time.”

Another X user, @HGBashar wrote, “Buhari merely sought the title of ‘President’ without understanding or respecting the sanctity of the office.

“The audacity to let his daughter, Hanan, use a Presidential Jet for a mere photo tour in Bauchi was the beginning of this mockery. Now we see Tinubu’s protege, Seyi, hopping on the same Jet for a Polo match in Kano.

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“It’s not just about the laws, it’s about ethics, morals, and respect for the position. Our leaders must do more than just occupy an office; they must uphold its dignity.”

Also, @EIderstateman said, “Gone are those days when public employees could confront political leaders without fear or favour and be reprimanded if they disregarded established processes, norms, and regulations. My Dad once sent a bill to Sir Ahmadu Bello for using an official plane for an unofficial trip.”

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The use of Presidential Jets for personal or non-official purposes by public officials can raise concerns about transparency and accountability. It’s essential for leaders to uphold ethical standards and set a good example for the public. Transparency and adherence to rules can help combat corruption and ensure that government resources are used responsibly.”
Well, jaafar you are talking about moral codes to people who lack it. Both Buhari and Tinubu are birds of the same feather. You forgot to mention the privileges Yousuf enjoyed. So our money is being used for nothing. Allah ya isa.”

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