SHOCKING! Surgeons Struggle To Remove Live Snake From Woman’s Ear(SEE VIDEO)

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Medical cases related to snake bites have become one of the common causes of death across the world, and are also counted among one of the major reasons for causing severe complications and lifelong disabilities.

While cases of lethal snake attacks continue to surface every other day, a few weird incidents also come across which are capable of leaving everyone in disbelief.

A video shared by a Facebook user named Chandan Singh who captioned the video stating,““A SNAKE WENT INSIDE THE EAR” has gone viral showing a yellow-colored snake stuck into a woman patient’s earhole as the doctor struggles to extract it. With the entire body of the snake visibly inside the earhole, the animal peaks out its mouth

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As shocking as it seems to hear, the video clearly shows the snake moving inside the female patient’s ear.

Meanwhile, as the doctor who was wearing a glove made repeated attempts to hold the snake’s mouth and extract it without causing any risks to the patient, his efforts went in vain as the animal continued opening its mouth wide. 


However, the video ended without showing whether the doctor was able to remove the snake or not, further leaving the viewers in an unsettling state and concerned about the woman.

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