STRANGE INSIDE LIFE STORY! MORTUARY Attendant discovers dead Crossdresser to be a man after disguising as a Choir Mistress in Church

Crossdresser, Emmanuel's Adaolisa
Crossdresser, Emmanuel's Adaolisa
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THIS type of strange story is a  typical story of what to see at the ‘End Time,’ coming from a youth who has the boldness to carry his near madness postures to the Church as a Crossdresser, even in the Church of God.  SOJ WORLDWIDE findings revealed that he found his type in the same Church where they planned to get married after attending Marriage Counselling together unknown to the Church authority.







But nemesis caught up with him after he challenged God’s authority.





This is what someone who knows him said about the incident.






“Wonders they say shall never end. Thing dey occur for Nigeria shaaa..

Now it was until his death last night that we came to realize that our brother, friend and a chior master relocated to somewhere in PH where no one could trace his identity and started fully a cross dresser not only that joined a choir in a parish which I wouldn’t want to mention the name of the parish here for some reason.

Now everyone of the parish knew him as Emmanuela(Ella)a lady who’s devoted to God and sings well in the church.

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The truth is that right from time he sings soprano very well and his voice is feminine voice even when he was still fully a man.

Now Olisa meet his fellow gay over there they did trad over there and the both planning there wedding this Easter with the parish priest and the parishioners.

Meanwhile, non of then knew that she’s a guy. But smth happened the parish had a 21day prayer which ended yesterday and the priest that concluded it said that someone here in this church is about to bring shame to the church that the person is a man disguising for a woman and if he’s not being taking care of will die b4 he knows it, then Olisa stood up from the chior stand and left the church angrily then on his way back home got accident and died at the spot.




And the process of depositing his dead body in the mortuary by the c

Catechist the mortuary attendant discovered that the lady with make up, eye lash and braided hairstyles has pen*s which he called the Catechist to report and that was how the entire church/community discovered the truth of his gender.

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Now, the family does not know that he has gone as far as that, and are very disappointed on how their Pharmacist ended his life.

Crossdresser, Emmanuel'a Akaolisa
Crossdresser, Emmanuel’a Adaolisa

Everyone should be careful and watchful everyday different story, God bless you all…….
he changed his name from Itz Emmanuel Nwolisa now Emmanuella Adaolisa.



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