TASUED students protest tuition fee hike

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Students of Tai Solarin University of Education in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, on Monday, gathered at the university premises to express their dissatisfaction and protest against the recently announced tuition fee hike for the upcoming 2023-2024 session, as reflected on the student’s portal.

It was reported that on Monday, the school management raised the tuition for new students enrolled in education courses from N76,500 to N230,000 and from N76,500 to N180,000 for returning students.

The school fees for fresh students studying pure courses were increased from N80,500 and N90,500 to N240,000, and from N80,500 and N90,500 to 190,000 for returning students.


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This development has raised concerns among students, leading to a large-scale protest. Students have taken to the streets, brandishing placards and leaf stems, and congregating at various locations, including the Main Gate, the University Academic Building, and the Directorate of Students’ Affairs Building. Their aim is to voice their strong disapproval of the proposed increase in school fees.

The students have strongly criticised the management team for their decision, labelling it as inhumane. The students argue that the management team failed to take into account the current situation of the country and the potential consequences of their actions.

A statement released by the Students’ Union partly reads,“ Our attention has been drawn to the university’s decision to increase our school fees on the portal. We firmly believe that this fee increment is unjust and places an unnecessary burden on students.


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“Education is a right, and it should be accessible to all. We want to assure you that we are actively working to address this issue. We will engage in communication with the university management to express our concerns and negotiate for a fair and affordable education.

“Meanwhile, we encourage each one of you to stand together and say No to this fee increment. We must unite as a strong and collective voice to make our concerns heard.”

The Students’ Union President, Akinjetan Emmanuel, said the protest aims to send a strong message to the university management.

“We refuse to accept this burden on our shoulders. It is crucial that we continue to raise our voices and make our concerns heard. By participating in the protest, we are advocating for a fair and affordable education,” he said.


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