THE hell I went through in Yoruba Christian Platform because I support TINUBU by Jide Ogunkanmi (A MUST READ)

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I was added to a Christian platform which the title encourages Christians to be in politics around November 2022, and that’s exactly what I was told when my consent was sought prior to being added.

Surprisingly after being added to the group, I discovered that all that was being said was in support of Peter Obi and campaigning for him to be President. The membership of the platform is not less than five hundred and all members are Yoruba people.

I asked them if it’s only Peter Obi I had to support, nobody responded. To get a good response, I posted several of my articles on why Tinubu should be Nigeria’s next President on the platform.

Within few seconds, responses came in form of attacks and curses for anyone that supports Tinubu. This came from Yoruba Christians (Church goers)!

My response to their abuses, insults, attacks, etc did not make them feel comfortable as holy ghost gave me the powers to handle them one after the other. In fact God helped me to subdue them as what they are doing are not in line with Christianity and teachings of Jesus Christ.


Interestingly amongst them were pastors of parishes, zones, provinces, etc. Also were workers in the churches. Meanwhile, all of them are Yoruba people…my kinsmen and Tinubu’s.

I asked them if it was the GO that directed them to create the platform so as to campaign for Peter Obi secretly. After a long minute of suspense, some said no.

I pointed it to them that the title of the platform should have been “Peter Obi for President” instead.

After a long fight which lasted for about two hours, their admin privated chatted me and I forwarded all my conversations with him to the general platform. He felt bad and deleted all from that platform.


They asked me to exit and I let them realized that I never added myself, somebody added me. They then concluded that I be removed which their admin did immediately the same day from that platform because of my support for Tinubu. And these are all Yoruba people who call themselves Christians but are not ready to accommodate anyone that does not align with their political views.

I appreciate my zonal pastor and about three other respected men who cautioned the intolerants to let them know that politics should be about individual and anyone not supporting another person’s view should not be seen as an enemy. Some pastors who know me sat on the fence.

To justify why they don’t want Tinubu, many fake stories were said about him while none of them could prove any. It’s like they say, they say! I realized that their mindsets have been evil against Asiwaju! They have been brainwashed!

These are people who preach Jesus to you while Jesus is too far away from their hearts. Hypocrites! God knows His Own sha! Their actions further reaffirm my stand that you don’t need to attend any Church to be with God. For you to be in tune with God, pray, go on fasting if there’s need, obey and practice the teachings of the Holy Bible as relates to Jesus Christ, and be humane to everyone no matter how little it is. Also listen to some reasonable christian messages.


Many we call Christians and pastors today are church goers and hypocrites. They know very little or nothing about God and Jesus Christ.

At last, Tinubu (cornerstone) that they all once rejected has been chosen to rule over them by God through the holy spirit. God is great and His works can not be stopped by anyone.

Will Jesus Christ find any Christian when He comes back?

I pray and prophesy that Tinubu will do well for Nigeria and our nation will be a reference point for excellence and greatness all over the world.

May God Almighty save and bless us during Tinubu’s tenure and beyond in the mighty name of Jesus. 🙏

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