Hon. Rotimi Makinde
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Each time I remember how Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola invested his energies, time and resources in bailing Osun state from the befuddled hands of the past government of PDP, My heart bleeds, Any moment I remember how many times we visited court and how many times we organized prayers for God’s intervention on the matters, my heart sounds heavily.
Any attempt to recall the numbers of time I was assured by men of God that “None of God’s words, shall go unfulfilled,” My heart shake to the marrow.
Each time I remember how The State of Osun and her infrastructural projects stagnation most especially the state capital after comparing with the present State, I wonder if man actually have retentive memories.
It is no longer news that I have been mocked for being neglected not by him but by the very blind marriage that made us see a common enemy and which now divide us further (walahi a ti k’eran me’ero). But I don’t care, the moral burden as his lieutenant with unshaken loyalty remains in me. How on earth would I queue behind those who are hell bent to rubbish my mentor’s name, belittle his progress and reverse his pedigree?
Thinking back of how many of us benefited from the confidence and mentality of his tutorship and how some of us got to the opportunity to be elected and became a mighty politicians at our various levels and comparing same to how some of us now grew wings and think we have arrived the climax, it makes me seriously wondered if conscience truly exists in all human beings.
Today, the facilitator, the initiator and the then crowned symbol is the most talked about in the town, the most rubbished personality by some contenders all in the name of nurturing ambitions.
Their pedagogy is simply based on “to win people’s heart, they have to thumb down on Aregbesola’s government, they have to bring out his weakness and celebrate his misfortune, such is life and that is human being as I come to realize.
When I listened to how some gladiators planned to run their government if elected, my heart bleeds when I remember how some of them positioned themselves as de facto in his government, I wonder why our noses were not so blessed to perceive bad people.
Many were so wretched, he was their bailer, many were blackmailed for misguided tongue but he rescued them, he offended many to please them, he rolled out tanks to shield them in his usual magnanimity.
But today, he is seeing clearly even without his glasses that men are so terrible to deal with.
To say he forgo the pleasant of his comfort zone to stake his life in his sojourn to rescue power in Osun state is an understatement. He fought like a man.
Quite Sad to see him being maligned by those he once cherished and accolades by their title but alas they are the very people with today’s free Funds, Police, DSS, government paid staff to fight him to standstill.
Men often forget so easily without knowing history has been made, breaking records requires plenty of energy and synergies and God alone is the giver of power and not our biological father.

Hon Rotimi Makinde is a former Honourable member of the House of Representatives, a Nollywood Actor, and Founder of Odua FM. © September 21, 2017

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