THE Pains And Gains Of Online Media By Adesoji OMOSEBI (SPECIAL EDITION)

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EVERYTHING in life has its pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, so also the Online Media or Digital Media has the above attributes as far as internet is concerned.


I will narrow this to Online Media that has to do with dissemination of news contents, education, entertainment, information and cultural values from a source to heterogeneous society through the internet.


I fell in love with journalism from my adolescent years before and after my secondary school days reading Ebenezer Babatope’s once weekly article, ‘Ebino Topsy’ on Sunday Tribune.


The most fascinating article came from Dr. Tai Solarin’s Sundays weekly article, ‘State Of The Nation’ on Sunday Tribune.  I grew up falling in love with his simple construction of English that a layman can easily understand.


It was Tai Solarin article on Sunday Tribune that actually developed my interest in journalism.  As young as I was at the time, I was forced to send a letter to him asking how I could be able to write like him.

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Curiously, he replied and told me in one paragraph that I need to develop my own style of writing that my readers will know me with.


I was fortunate to visit Tai Solarin and his wife Sheila Solarin at the Mayflower School, Ikenne, Ogun State with my brother, late Comrade Funmi Omosebi.  Although, he was a thorn in the flesh of the then Head of State, Ibrahim Bababgida popularly known as IBB, Solarin was such a simple and caring man.  I derived my simplicity from him.  I later enrolled at the Writing School, London (Correspondent School) with a Diploma influenced by my love for Solarin’s writings.


Coming to the theme of this write-up, I ventured into banking despite my love for journalism to make money as one of the highest paying industry at the time, retired back into my ‘love of life’, journalism in 2016.


It is now seven years of my sojourn in the Online Media practice.  I think I should be able to say one or two things about the good and the ugly experience I went through.


Online Media was an unknown terrain for me and I could not shy away from it, I sent a mail to Linda Ikeji being the reigning blogger at the time.  There was no response till now.  Thinking of what to do next, I came back to my local parlance by sending a mail to the champion in Osun State, Amiloaded.


We booked an appointment at Ostrich Eatery, there I humbled myself telling her I was a novice in this field with a promise that I will never let her down.  She was so helpful to the advent of SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS ( that has now had its presence not only in Nigeria but across the globe.  I give it to her, she monitored my publications, shouted atimes until when she was so sure of my abilities to follow the rudiments of online media publication in the Social Media.

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The Startoff

It was not easy getting people to know my brand, SOJ WORLDWIDE, I started working days and nights without even knowing where incomes would come from. To get 10 people to read our news updates was a hard-nut. At a time I was praying that God should help me with at least 100 traffic (readers) in a day.  It was that rough for me at the beginning with opposition here and there asking if this is what I would do after my retirement from the bank to make a living with my family?


My passion for the job spurred me on for over a year when I got signed up with the most popular paying Ad Agency, Google Adsense after a year. Getting incomes was another challenge, after a hard day’s work, my highest income could be $0.05.  This was what I could not tell anyone because my spirit would be weighed down if I did.


I remember when I started earning little and I started cashing out, Google came with its hammer, blocked my website from receiving any income for alleged violation of their ‘Community Standard’. I also remember that I fell on my bed on that sad day and wept thinking, where would I start from?


I went through this bitter pill for a year without our readers knowing about it.  I was just pretending that all was well with me but within me there were severe pains. I was working as passionately as I always used to work.  It was in the midst of the pains some people including my colleagues would bring Press Release and Statement for publications for free. If they had known what Online Publishers are going through they would not have dared sending any work for publication without backing it up with a handsome fee.


I got the Adsense back with the joint efforts of a talented fresh graduate, Miss Josephine Kolawole to whom I still honour with royalty from our little incomes. Her contributions to the progress of SOJ WORLDWIDE was immeasurable.


I remembered I asked her to cover an event for me in Lagos because I had another engagement somewhere, the Client who engaged us was a Lawyer who said she should give him few minutes to visit someone at the Police Station.

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Behold, my staff was at the front of the Station taking photos, she was arrested. Her phone was seized, she was put behind the bars.  It took her many hours to get in touch with me, it was on that day I knew who her father and mother was. It was one of my longest days as an Online Publisher.


The boyfriend called, asking where is his girlfriend, including Mummy and Daddy. I called the DPO that the lady did not mean any harm but that I sent her to cover an event.


The good thing after the incident was that I and the family became good friends till date.


I engaged many Corps Members, ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ I will only mention the good ones, Josephine Kolawole, Feranmi Ajayi, Bola Daodu-Ogunmuyiwa, Ruth Semiloore, Raymond Apav, Qudus Hamzat, Rapheal, Ella, Tosin, Mariam Nasiru, Samiat Olorungbebe and Blessing Ngozi Richard. They have been helpful in their years of Service with SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS.


Another incident worth remembering was my income hanging with PayPal for over a year just because I am a Nigerian. I didn’t know that they have banned Nigerians from using PayPal as intermediary to banks in Nigeria.  My money was only released after a protest message that I would report them to the public and that my money was made through sleepless nights, toil and pains and that not all Nigerians are fraudulent.


That is the extent that internet fraud has taken Nigeria to at the mercy of popular Yahoo Boys across the globe.  Innocent Nigerians are suffering the guilt of some greedy, wicked and irresponsible Nigerians.



Some people who felt we are popular hurriedly floated their own Online Media thinking it was an easy ride to make money but crashed out after one or two years of toiling without any income out of it.



The story of a guy who was working with a colleague comes to mind, he floated his own website to make money, for two years he was only able to make $6.00, he later sold out the website at a giveaway price.



The pains are endless, a Lawyer wrote to me that I should pull down a story I published declaring a suspect wanted by the EFCC for fraud. The lawyer said I should have made my findings from the suspect before my publication. That was someone that was declared wanted, if EFCC that did their investigations about him did not find him, is it me that will find him? That is the extent that corruption has dealt with us in Nigeria. I ignored him and that was the last time I heard from him.


To make our website active 24/7, it is compulsory to pay annual fee for Hosting and Domain with our Hosting Partner of over $100 aside  running costs for Data and salaries for working Staff.


You can now see why it is almost impossible to publish any content on our website for free or at a ridiculous price. The challenges we are facing daily outweighs the benefits despite this we still make publication to give back to the society as our Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR.


The Good Sides 

So far so good, as an Online Publisher, I have the privilege of collaboration with law enforcement agents. They accord me with honour and respect once I introduced myself as a Journalist with Bsc in Mass Communication from the Lagos State University and MBA-Executive from the great, Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU.


As a Journalist, I got to know some notable elected leaders and people of thoughts in the society, Political Parties, some companies and individuals whom we partnered with as Consultant, Media and Publicity.


We also create publicity and awareness for aspirants and candidates in elections.


As we celebrate SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS 7th Anniversary, I wish to thank and appreciate our numerous committed and loyal readers across the globe including my team players; my wife, my children, Damilola, Tolulope, Lanrewaju, Precious, Cynthia Omosebi, Gbenga Osuolale, Wole Omosebi and my immediate Senior brother, Billy Omosebi and others too numerous to mention for their unflinching support through the years.



I would be an ingrate if I failed to mention my big fans on SOJ WORLDWIDE VIPs on Whatsapp, my other groups on Whatsapp, Facebook,, Nairaland, Opera News, Phoenix and LinkedIn.  God bless you all.


Today, eight years ago, marks the anniversary of my glorious retirement from one of the leading banks in Nigeria, Fidelity Bank Plc.
SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS also marks its seventh anniversary.


Above all, on this day, Adesoji Omosebi Publisher of SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS was born. Today is my birthday!  Send your prayers and best wishes to my Whatsapp number 09069473894.


Kindly Send your name and location to our WhatsApp No. 09069473894 to join SOJ WORLDWIDE WhatsApp Broadcast list.


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