TINUBU Vs OBI: SEE the visible Billboard OBIDIENTS erected at Abuja ahead of Tribunal Judgement (A MUST SEE)

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THIS will be the first time in the history of Nigeria that a group of people belonging to a political party will create awareness on the type of judgement Judges should deliver.




This did not happen in 1979 Presidential election in celebrated case between the Presidential Candidate of the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), Chief Obafemi Awolowo and his opponent, Alhaji Shehu Shagari of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN).




The bone of contention, at the time, has to with 12.2/3 of Kano State.  Every Nigerian were expectant but there was no intimidation or anyone influencing the Judges on the manner of judgement they should deliver.

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The judgement favoured Shagari, the opposition took it in good faith.

Nigerians are witnessing strange things from fake news to people threatening Judges on the type of judgement they should deliver.




All eyes are on our Judges to give judgement according to what the law dictates without fear, emotion, favour or intimidation.


The OBIDIENTS are calling on the Tribunal to save Nigeria in their judgement.


What this means is well understood by the sponsors of the Billboard.

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  1. At some point they could be right but judges judgement should be made palatable without infringement.
    Happy weekend

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