Unusual giant snake killed in Lagos – SEE Picture

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The unusual giant snake troubling the inhabitants of Ikola-Ilumo, Agbado Oke Odo Local Council Development Area of Lagos State have been killed by a brave hunter, Baba Agbomola Okesagun.
On Sunday afternoon, the divers were busy at work when one of them took notice of the python in a hole it slid into.

He called for support to get it killed, but, as narrated by the divers, their cutlass did not penetrate the snake’s thick skin.
They said they also hit it with sticks, none of which had any effect on the monstrous beast.
“We then sent for a local hunter who came with a charmed dane gun.

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“The hunter, known as Baba Agbomola Okesagun, rushed to the scene and, while reciting some incantations, fired several shots at the snake, killing it without much ado,” the divers narrated.
This correspondent witnessed the hunter emerge from the bush pulling the snake behind him.
Those who stay around the river claimed that the python was a source of worry to them, as it regularly came out in search of food.
In commemoration of the exploits, Baba Agbomola Okesagun served dry gin in a portable glass cup to as many observers as wished to drink.

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