UPDATE: Parents of Teenage students who had fatal accident in Osogbo cry out for help

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SOJ Worldwide posted a report on the teenage students of Top Trend Comprehensive High School, Osogbo who were involved in a ghastly motor accidents on their way home yesterday.

Teenage Students involved in ghastly motor accident in Osogbo

We visited Our Lady of Fatimat Catholic Hospital Osogbo this morning and saw the gory sights of the students groaning in pains. Their parents running from one department to the other for scanning to ascertain degree of injuries. Results of the scanning showed that most of them had broken limbs.
The most pathetic aspect was that the parents of the students are all peasant farmers in Kajola, Okebode along Ilesha road. They were seen lamenting and looking for who to borrow money from so that their children would not die from agonising pains.

 Master Peter Akpowomegbaho
Master Peter Akpowomegbaho

Two of the students who belonged to the same parent; Master Peter Akpowomegbaho 15, Miss Faith Akpowomegbaho, 13 had high degrees of injuries. The scan results showed that Peter had two of his legs broken while Faith had one of her legs broken also, they were seen crying uncontrollably. The mother and father were seen running between the male and female wards where their children were hospitalized.
One other boy had a deep cut on his head, he was seen with bandages around his head. He was in serious pains. There are other boys and girls with internal injuries and broken limbs.

Miss Faith Akpomeghaho
Miss Faith Akpomeghaho

Some of the students were scattered in various hospitals in Osogbo like Asubiaro, Our Lady of Fatimat and other hospitals. The students in the school bus were said to be more than 30 in number.
SOJ Worldwide spoke with the parents who commended the activities of the O’Ambulance Management for coming to the rescue of the students immediately the accident occurred. But for the O’Ambulance who came with three buses some of the students would have died from agonising pains and loss of blood.
The parents are now crying for help from the state government and good Samaritans to come to their rescue to offset their bills. The costs of treatment is on the high side for the parents to bear.
Our investigations showed that the driver of the Volvo car that hit the school bus was a policeman, he was hospitalised yesterday and discharged later in the night. The driver who was initially said to have been on the run was caught at Owode could no longer be found after his discharge from the hospital last night.

Student of Top Trend Comprehensive High School
Student of Top Trend Comprehensive High School

The Proprietor of Top Trend was said to have fainted yesterday on hearing of the fatal accident that claimed the life of his driver popularly known as Baba and wounded his students. The Proprietor is still in an unknown hospital as at the time of filing this report.
The school bus and the Volvo car are presently parked at Kajola Police Station along Ilesha/Osogbo road.

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