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UPDATED: When stratagem is employed caution must be applied to contain the onslaught by the recipient otherwise failure is apt by OBI OJAGE


*MY findings revealed that the members of PDP who recently defected with the Governor, Prof. BEN AYADE into APC did so out of pressure and not in their sincerity of heart done merely to keep their jobs in the main time. Their spirit is still with their former party and would dish the APC when it matters most.*

*DISCREET findings shows that the members are still loyal to their kindred back in the PDP. And only very insignificant few still sticks with AYADE especially that the Governor is presently not known to be vying for any elective position in the state now, maybe in future. Many have honestly confided that to me. And that is the reality at the moment except there are some other plans underneath their sleeves still shrouded in secrecy.*

*MANY political appointees of the current government believes that the FOOD ON THE TABLE profligacy of the government howbeit, is their due; rightfully, and not a favour from Governor AYADE. And that they’re not bound to be dragged by the nose especially those in the Central and Southern Senatorial Districts of the state.*

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*IT suggest therefore that the Governor being an intelligent fellow should take note of these undiluted facts prevailingly hidden amongst those he seems to be banking his hopes on as allies. He should rather direct his concentration more on those members of APC he met on ground still in high spirit to deliver the state from the wages of sinfulness back to righteousness whence it belongs. He should equally endeavor to harness fully, the potentials and obsequious nature and disposition of those who are very eager to work with him than buying the unscrupulous and archaical dummy that seems to suggest the act of divide and role schemes sold to him by lackeys where surreptitious measures are being applied to muzzle or sideline those in his new party who have been nursing various ambitions about to be scuttled by members of the insignificant group of PDP renegades I would say, who accompanied him to the APC, now indiscriminately trying to forcefully take charge of affairs in some Wards many of whose loyalty to the Governor and the party is still in doubt going by their body language and utterances.*

*IT is too late in the hour for the Governor Prof. BEN AYADE to be talking of building political structures for himself now in APC, half way to his exit from office as the Governor of the state. It doesn’t make any rational or political sense nor is it logical however one see’s it. Those who seem to advice him to toe that line of dissipation of his time and energy now accompanied by series of accusations with its attendant distractions are not fair to him one bit. But are merely using him to position themselves where they’re handicap especially those of his appointees who claim to be his men Friday. With the exception of his own blood brothers perhaps, anybody else can fail him in this game of politics when the chips are down. More so now that he is on his way out from the exalted sit as a Governor. He needs but to build people with conscience at this moment who will say good of him tomorrow. He needs as a matter of fact to secure and explore goodwill and not political structures. And also to see as a matter of urgency how he could solicit for more funds and partners; local or foreign. And a possible way on how to complete some if not all of the gigantically lofty projects he now has in place as his unmatched industrialization strives to serve as an indelible legacy against his name far after he has left office as Governor. What is he going to do with political structures in the prevailing circumstance now or in the future, if I may ask?*

*ALL the Governor needs to do now correctly perhaps; succinctly, is to let the existing forces exuding from the energy of aspirants for all positions play out themselves in whatever games they know best in securing the member’s support in the party both new and old, while he stays aloof and watch as a superintending guru amongst the gladiators now hankering to succeed him. And to make sure that in the case of the governorship position such an individual has ideas and the thriving and driving spirit similar to his to appreciate what he has done or put in place so far in the areas of industrialization to be able to compliment or continue where he may have to stop at the time of his exit. Which is most important I guess. And also that the person so identified should be one with an independent mind capable of standing his grounds in his defense in case of anything after his exit from office as the Governor of Cross River..

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*FOR EXAMPLE, just like the former Governors of the state both Mr. DUKE and IMOKE today, I need to emphasis that here; going by Governor AYADE’S revelations concerning the rate of an unaccounted monies accruing as indebtedness on the current government which constitutes fetters on its developmental efforts owing to their excessive borrowing, mismanagement or both, are walking the streets as freemen undeterred nor are they being harassed by EFCC all because of the coverings they both men enjoy from AYADE’S reluctance to open up such Cankerworm of distressful and unappetising phenomenons. That’s not to say that the current Governor of the state can’t carryout such findings, probe or call the both former governors of the state to account for their stewardship as it concerns the humongous amount of unreasonable indebtedness they both left behind which are being deducted at source of what should accrue to the state coffers hitherto from the Federation Account. But because AYADE feels that way about the issues going forward; there is a braided tranquillity of understanding over that. That’s what we’re saying here in plain Nigerian language of pidgin: “you scratch my back, I do yours; phenomenon”.*

*NOT only that, the fellow selected as successor to the current Governor should be someone with a wider appeal of one who is originally accepted by majority of our people as a person with a good heart, and one with an accommodating spirit who does forgive easily of those who had wronged him after the show of remorsefulness by the defaulter. He should be one who is also seasoned, detribalized and not one engrossed in noctunality nor a character who dances around every government in power as a show of vain solidarity and shenanigans where he is known as one who engages in numerous phone calls to authorities of government to backbite others. Or being one amongst those who offer themselves for appointment over positions that belittles or contradicts their stance on issues they had appeared to hold dear thereby making a caricature of their status before the public over how they are being perceived.*


*PROFESSOR BEN AYADE is the Governor of cross river. And now an APC Governor. He shouldn’t be seen imposing anybody in the party at this time under the circumstance, be they new or old members. He wouldn’t gain or lose anything if he fails to do that. We’re all his subject now in the ruling party as it is now constituted going by his status as the executive Governor, leader of the party in the state as well as the chief security officer of the state. And we are duty and politically bound to do his biddings as members of the same party especially that which encompasses the longing of the people to have a good life at heart and being in support of their wellbeing as it is enshrined in our party’s manifesto of service to the people if truly we are one under the leadership of President MOHAMMADU BUHARI.


*AS the Governor, he should be able to identify with those with initiatives who can carryout assignments adequately (unlike the past full of dereliction) with the right frame of mind particularly those who display competence with political savvy are those fit enough to be engaged to deal with specific issues he maybe having at hand as there is no much time left to go. Than bothering himself with the so-called structures which may not endure over time particularly when he is out of office as the executive Governor. Conversely, what he needs in the immediacy is stewardship moreorless.*

*HE should not listen to what anybody has to say about the choice of his new associates. And for God sake, he shouldn’t also listen to those who do encourage him to use his high office as one of the governors of the ruling party under the leadership of President BUHARI to antagonize others at this end time. Those who professes that are themselves wolves in sheep’s clothing’s. They’ll lead him to an inglorious political summersaults into a ditch of no return. That’s their work in trade to cause those in authority who are naive to inherit people’s karma unduly while they stay behind and laugh. The Governor should endeavor to embrace everybody according to their individual or collective worth in the party as a way forward. Divide and role are now an antiquated schemes in today’s politics. They serve no good purpose on the long run. As those you make enemies over for their sake in order to bring them to power today, surprisingly; may turn around and ditch you soon after especially when you’re no more relevant to their course.*

*THE Governor should beware of turncoat politicians hovering in solidarity around him now who are unconscionable in their fake songs of praises over the social media by reechoing the Governor’s life history and achievements for purposes of gaining his exclusive support for their intended National Assembly ambition. Persons such as Barrister OKIO OBON-OBLA who calls himself a chief but was once reported in the media to have used his dented office to harass the OBOL LOPON of Ugep. He is known to be an untrustworthy man who can do anything for money and feels it is all alright. I once had an encounter which turned out to be a worthy experience with him some time ago as a solicitor in my case against a certain multinational company. He is ready to destroy anybody or thing when he is given money to do so.*


*CHIEF OKIO OBONO-OBLA will be the first person to call for the investigation and subsequent prosecution of Governor AYADE just to give an erroneous impression of his being the people’s senator whether or not the allegations are weighty and substantive enough to warrant such actions carried out, done at the slightest provocation or attack on his ego by the EFCC or ICPC when the Governor leaves office, if perchance he happens to get to the National Assembly as a Senator. Which may be possible through the insistence and support of His Excellency in situation where the incumbent senator, Prof. SANDY OJANG ONOR of the PDP; who has given the people of that senatorial district the best representation ever in terms of service delivery and opened doors of opportunities for the entire peoples now being experienced in the area absent hitherto in the last two decades of democracy, declines to contest again for a sit in the Hollowed Chambers to allow those in his constituency who are more competent and sincere to represent the people of that Senatorial District from Ugep urban than OBLA. Which is all what he is looking for in earnest in his vain effort in eulogizing the Governor, BEN AYADE this time around. Mark my words on this.*

*I must say here that I have no personal grudges against any of those persons whose shenanigans I do expose here on my platform. Their values rarely clashes with mind nonetheless as they pose no hindrances whatsoever be it political or otherwise to my ascendency in whatever desired position disposable to me which I may wish to identify with on this earth under the LORD’S Sun and Moon; as a Christ Devotee. Other than my avowed interest and concerns as a Crossriverian in protecting our own through the racing of alarm concerning our common patrimony catered away. And the few opportunities available being concealed deliberately and made a personal preserve by some of these individuals who are fund of blackmailing competent fellow Crossriverians from ascending to heights beside themselves or their kindred at the National, especially where references are made to them to attest to the competencies of those favoured; now trying hard to recirculate themselves back to power who were once in position of authority entrusted with power and finances in their care but looted it all in such a primitive manner displaying no conscience or empathy at all nor the fear of the LORD in all they did.*

*I regard it as a patriotic duty to tell the Governor and the world here on my platform the truth now that Prof. AYADE is in the same party with me as my own candid advice and contribution to him on the way forward, if you like. He either takes it or leave it. It is all left to his Excellency to decide on that as it suites him. I am saying it loud and clear here and not as a gossip spoken to malign their names behind. Just like most do against me in the closets to gain undue favours..


*THOSE whom the Governor sees singing his praises today will turn to be his worse enemy the moment he is out of that office as the executive Governor. I couldn’t do that nor have I done that nor do I envisage to ever do that to this two Excellencies: Mr. DUKE and IMOKE both of whom I gave my unflinching support as Governors during their tenure to succeed but ended up being terribly hurt in many ways. We have seen it happened here in our dear state of cross river. Even those whom he may be ready now to stick his nick and willing in his mind genuinely, which may hurt others in the process; in his attempt to help in installing such a candidate as his successor, may turn around tomorrow to say scandalous things over his activities few months after his living office. Which is why he should be fair minded and take the initiative to do the right things to the best of his knowledge and conscience and the LORD will certainly guide him to make a difference especially in the choice of his successor amongst the gladiators now hankering to become Governor of our dear state.*

*WE are here equally to guide him if he need our advises as veterans in politics. And as a Christ Devotees we tell the truth before the Holy Ghost and we lie not especially in the areas of our proven competence. We know the persons who can truly stand unrelentingly with the current Governor as a faithful successor at this time come rain or shine. We have been around in this game for well over three decennials. We know all that is to be known of our beloved state of Cross River!*

*FOR those of our APC brothers who are heavy weights in the party that have done exceedingly well by using their individual resources to sustain the massive structures of their supporters across our beloved state to date, such as Senator Prince BASSEY OTU, Senator VICTOR NDOM-EGBA (SAN), Prof. EYO ETIM NYONG, Pastor USANI U. USANI, and Senator JOHN OWAN ENOH,

I sincerely employ them to sheathe their swards, burry their differences, ago; and to bend over backwards for the sake of peace within the party in order to foster growth. And to honestly work with the present leadership of the party headed by the current Governor, Prof. BEN AYADE for result. The Atomistic Nature being ascribed to the state sometime ago by Professor Ayandele then of the University of Calabar shouldn’t be allowed to take a toll on our psychic nor inhibit our strive to retain the Governorship further in APC. Unity of purpose is inevitable in this case scenario as the only way to go and nothing else.*

*WE cannot pretend to forget so soon what happened in Imo state between the outgoing Governor then, His Excellency Owelle ROCHAS ANAYO OKOROCHA and the present Governor of the state both of who were members of APC engaged in a neck drawn fight against each other of who to fly the party’s ticket between HOPE ODIDIKA UZODINMA and chief OKOROCHA’S Son in-law, Mr. UCHE NWOSU which resulted in the opposition PDP candidate Hon. EMEKA IHODIOHA winning the election in the state initially. But the verdict was recently turned by a supreme court judgement which nullified the victory of IHEDIOHA of the PDP and gave it back to APC candidate, being UZODINMA through the pronouncement of court. That should be our guide in whatever we chose to do here.*


*WE shouldn’t also be oblivious of the fact that In such cases of internal ramblings and indiscriminations over who gets what during party primary selections especially where the parties failed to follow laid down rules either that of the party’s document of faith or instructions of the electoral body assigned to carryout such duties, General BUHARI often stays aloof. The President would do less to remedy the situation no matter the hue and cry. Its on record that the current President hardly meddles into party feuds or election results of his party members during elections in order to guarantee their victory against others in cases where his own party the APC is said to have failed to meet the people’s verdict or that of the election umpire being the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). It is as clear as morning!*

*TO be forewarned is to be forearmed.*


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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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