US based Nigerian Naval Officer, Victor Agunbiade to be decorated with higher rank, Lieutenant Commander

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THE award winning United States based Nigerian Naval Officer, Victor Agunbiade who was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy is set to be decorated on May 1, 2023.

In his official Tweet, Agunbiade said,

“The wait is over! On 01May2023 @1100 Central Time, Lieutenant Agunbiade will be Lieutenant Commander Agunbiade!”

It will be recalled that Agunbiade won a special award from the US Navy in 2020 for managing the largest overseas cash disbursement.

“Lieutenant Agunbiade was awarded the Navy and Marin Corp Development Medal for his exemplary accountability. The US Navy said while serving as disbursing Officer, Comptroller Department, Camp Lemonnier Djibouti from October 2019 to July 2020, Lieutenant Agunbiade managed $45 million (N17,378,550,000) dollars in cash transaction well.”

“According to the US Navy, the money accounted for approximately 70% of its overseas disbursing volume. The institution added that the Nigerian man also maintained 100% accountability of $23 million (N8,882,370,000) among six rigorous inspections and independent audits with zero discrepancies.”


EDITOR’S NOTE:. WE @ SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS wishes to congratulate our Nigerian pride, Victor Agunbiade on his new higher rank of Lieutenant Commander at the US Navy.




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