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This is the news behind the news of the man that was caught with human head in Osun for money rituals. (UPDATE)

 Rasheed Ajibade was arrested last week by being in possession of human parts which he claimed were meant to be used for money ritual for one Alfa Olorungbebe.

The men of the Osun Police command swung into action and eventually Isiaka Akande also known as Alfa Olorungbebe was arrested.

Ajibade and Akande explained how they severed the body parts of their victim.

Ajibade one of the ritualists said; “Alfa Olorungbebe asked me to remove the head, so when I removed the head and give him the knife he was the one that separate the remaining one.”

Alfa Olorungbebe said; “Rasheed Ajibade cut the head while I cut the palm, I know I have sinned against God and I asked for forgiveness.”

When the TVC crew, the police and the Hon. Commissioner for Social Affairs and Special Needs, Hon. Biyi Odunlade entourage visited Agba country home of Alfa Olorungbebe in Boripe Local Government of the State of Osun many secret activities of the criminals were revealed.

Behind the house where the suspects lives was where they kept about 12 victims that the State of Osun government under its welfare programme have evacuated from the building. But one of them was not that lucky as the ritualists have been killed for money ritual.

The victims were kept in chains in a filthy environment where they obviously dehumanized them.

One of the victims is carrying Alfa Olorungbebe’s baby and the one he killed had earlier been pregnant for him, our investigation reveals. The suspect showed the police and the government officials where the body of their victim was cut open and the remaining buried.

The Commissioner for Social Affairs and Special Needs, Hon Biyi Odunlade has this to say; “at the end of it all, we will determine those who are stable mentally and those who are not stable. Once they are stable mentally we will reunite them with their families, that is, under our three R’s, we will Retrieve, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate them into the society through linking up with their relations.”

The police recommends that people under the distress the victims are encountering should seek orthodox means of taking care of their relations instead of subjecting them to inhuman treatment in the hands of the terrible human beings. © June 20, 2017.

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