VIDEO: Texting, making or receiving calls while driving is suicidal – STOP IT.

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Are you one of those who write and send text messages while driving or you are one of those who make or receive calls while driving? If you are one of them, stop it now to avoid any form of unavoidable accident that could claim your life or life of others.
The short video clip below captured the new trend of madness of writing text messages or sending or receiving calls while driving.
Many lives have been lost as a result of our carelessness.


Life has no duplicate. Safe your life first while you attend to your calls when you are off the wheel.
If you are in a commercial vehicle and found out the driver is making calls while driving advise him to stop it, if he refuses, report him to the Police or Road Safety Corps at the next check-point.

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This is one of the social responsibilities from SOJ WORLDWIDE to save your life and life of others.
Therefore, stop attending to your phone while driving.

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