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WATCH Symbolic Trap set by APC against Nigeria and its presidential aspirants (VIDEO+OPINION) by Adesoji OMOSEBI

When the All Progressives Congress (APC) came into existence between 2013 and 2014, they are warmly embraced by all right thinking Nigerians with the hope that, finally there would be an end to corruption, religious and ethnic unrests, terrorism and so on.   

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Above all, with President Muhammadu Buhari at the helm of affairs, our battered moral values and standards would be addressed.

But after seven years, we should endeavour to ask average Nigerian, how we were then and where we are today.  Your guess is as good as mine.

I could remember some Nigerians were on the queue till midnight voting for Buhari in 2015.  You will ask why would someone sacrifice his life and time into midnight only to vote for a candidate. The reason was not far fetched.  It was because Nigerians were tired and fedup with Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.  

Apart from the vociferous propaganda against the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) by the then APC National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed now Minister of Information, everyone was fed up with the unchallenged impunity going on in governance.

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Let us not mention unemployment, fuel subsidy saga, inflation and how Nigeria is swimming in blood of innocent citizens for lack of  adequate security of lives and properties.

Can we count the numbers of our security men and women who have paid the supreme price? The list is endless.

I could remember a close friend of mine of many years who disowned me because I campaigned for Buhari. He said “Buhari has nothing to offer.”  Now I know better!

If truly Buhari has anything to offer our Naira value would not have plummeted from N187.50 in 2015 to N590 a Dollar in 2022. 

Nigeria would not have become a global poverty capital.  Our ladies would not have turned to pornstars. Our youths would not have turned to bandits, unknown gunmen, ritualists, kidnappers like we are experiencing today.  These evils were more pronounced under the current administration than we have ever experienced since 1960 even when we are at war, Nigeria never had it so bad.  

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That is not to say that PDP is an alternative party but APC, on its own, made PDP the alternative party.

How on earth do you think thesame APC that came like storms in 2015, stampeded former President Goodluck Jonathan out of office because he was clueless and incapable of running the affairs of Nigeria turned around today to enlist thesame clueless man into their party to become the next president?

Can someone help me where sanity is hidden in Nigeria?  I cannot say when ‘sanity’ got missing but it is no longer in place.  Let a good Samaritan help us so that everything will be rearranged to where we are supposed to be. 

Nigeria, at present, is at crossroads.  “One step forward and ’20’ steps backward.

If I may ask, what is Goodluck Jonathan looking for in government again? Would he say God has not done enough for him?  This was a man whom God elevated from a Deputy Governor to a Governor in Bayelsa State. From there he became Vice President and President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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What else can satisfy a man, especially African?

Nelson Mandela had the opportunity of going for a Second Term in South Africa because their constitution allowed it but as a man of honour, he declined running for a second term. 

Who is bewitching this Ijaw man? He should be set free to avoid catastrophe.

Well, it is a personal decision of APCs new bride. 

The Yorubas have this popular sayings that I would not interprete, “Ibukun ni fun eni ti o fo obo lo eniyan, egbe ni fun eni ti o gba a.” Think about it 

I watched this video whose owner is anonymous, I marvel and concluded that it is a symbolic bait set by APC against Nigeria and its own greedy and emergency presidential aspirants who fell on one another to buy Presidential Nomination and Expression of Interest Forms for a whopping sum of N100 million even at a time all our universities are under lock and keys for over three months now because our leaders failed to do what they are expected to do. At a time when average Nigerians are facing untold hunger and hardships.

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I give credit to the unknown owner of this video clip,


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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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