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We Have An Assembly That Is Supportive Of Our Cause – Oyetola Tells Osun Assembly At Retreat – SEE FULL TEXT

Osun Assembly Retreat
Osun Assembly Retreat
Osun Assembly Retreat
Osun Assembly Retreat

By Adesoji OMOSEBI

The Governor of the State of Osun, Mr. Gboyega Oyetola said the 7th Assembly led by the Rt. Hon Speaker Timothy Owoeye is “committed to and supportive of our cause.”

Governor Oyetola made the statement in his keynote address at the opening of a 3-Day Retreat by the State House of Assembly in Iloko-Ijesha on Tuesday.

The governor was represented by the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Hon. Wole Oyebamiji.

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Full Keynote Address By Gov Oyetola:

I consider it a great honour to be invited by the most dynamic, most
focused, most people oriented and the most supportive legislature –
The 7th Assembly of State of Osun House of Assembly to deliver the
Keynote/Opening Address at its 3-Day Legislative Retreat.
Intellectualism is considered in enlightened societies as the bedrock and lifeline of good and enduring governance, as such, experts at such climes have employed it to deliver sustainable services and development.
I am therefore particularly happy that this 7th Assembly is adopting this time-tested approach to kick-off its legislative engagement.

Coming barely one month after the Retreat for the Cabinet members
this Retreat portrays the seriousness this revered Assembly holds the business of governance. It is also indicative of the Executive and the
Legislative’s shared philosophy to governance. I am certain that this collective resolve will deliver services in a manner yet unwitnessed in the state.

On behalf of the Government and People of State of Osun, I thank the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Timothy Owoeye, other Principal Officers of the
House and the Distinguished Members of this Assembly for their
initiative, thoughtfulness and services to the state.

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I equally thank our distinguished resource persons for accepting to
release their intellectual fountains for the development of The State of
I would also like to appreciate our Distinguished Guests for gracing this
auspicious occasion.
Service delivery is the whole essence of our election by the
people. Development Agenda is what we traded as a government for
the benevolence of the people. As a government, we are irrevocably
committed to the Agenda and we are happy to have an Assembly that
is committed to and supportive of our cause.
The tasks ahead of us as elected representatives are enormous and they require collective responsibility to achieve. Thankfully, our approach to governance has sufficiently demonstrated that we have the political will and the potential to deliver.

It is the goal of our Administration to deliver adequate, qualitative and
equitable services and projects across the state. In the eleven months that we assumed office, we have endeavoured to achieve this goal in all the sectors. In offering these services, we visited every ward to collate
their preferences and needs with a view to entrenching a sense of
belonging. This is a foundation we are offering for the Legislature to build on

Consequently, I urge this respected Assembly to make people engagement the basis of legislative activities The people must be the
sources and the essence of legislative engagements. As representatives
of the people, you must be close to your constituents. Know their needs, do advocacy on their behalf and pass laws that support their
needs and aspirations

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We shall always require executive bills to effectively execute
development and other tasks at hand and ahead. We therefore require
the cooperation of the House. All decisions must be taken in the overall
interest of the people whom we all swore to serve and protect

The theme of this Legislative Retreat, Enhancing Service Delivery
through legislative Engagement, is apt and timely as it will provide
better and improved mechanics and mechanisms for delivering your
electoral promises to the people and set a tone for sustainable service
delivery in the state.

Legislative engagement is pivotal to legislative success and excellence.
Indeed it is the tool of the legislature, the arm of government regarded
the world over as the symbol of democracy, to perform its law making
role and delivery service in all the sectors.

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Service delivery by the legislature can be achieved at three major levels:
the people, the House and the State or nation. For a House to have
been adjudged successful in service delivery, it must find balance at
these three levels. It must faithfully deliver service to the people that
gave it power in trust, conduct its duties in a manner that enhances and
protects the sanctity and dignity of the House, and sustainably
contribute to the development profile of the state and the nation.

As the face of democracy and an amalgam of representatives of the
people across party lines, the House’s success is determined by the collective and individual contributions of its members. This calls for revolve in REVIT FOR On of the House and the sectoral promises made to the people by each representative.

Legislative engagement in collective , which consider effective if it is results oriented people to check, rules propelled, consensus enhanced and relationship driven
Legislative representation position of responsibility legislators require commitment, passion, selflessness, persistence, and food
persuasive presentational skills, regular attendance al plenary and Executive sessions, punctuality and active participation to deliver effective service delivery

The aforementioned are crucial to legislative representation during
debates, committee duties, oversight function, bills sponsorship and
advocacy on the sidelines such as lobbying and other behind the Scenes engagements.

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There is a need for the Assembly to desen a road map that will guide
and drive its vision and programmes, complete with institutional and
personal Performance Charter

We must always remember that our performances, better still, our services are our party’s and individuals testimonials and profiles that will significantly determine our political future and fortune

We will do well to adopt and implement the recommendations of this
Retreat, engage in other intellectual interventions as appropriate from
time to time and review their outcomes for enhanced and sustainable service delivery in the interest of our people and the state.
 (c) November 12, 2019


Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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