RELATIONSHIPS: WEDDING Drama of Davido, Chioma Unfolds, Wizkid angle by Emmanuella ORANU

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Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Lagos, there lived three famous young artists: Davido, Chioma, and Wizkid. They were all in the music industry, and their fame had spread across the world. Davido was a wealthy singer who had released numerous hits and owned several businesses, while Chioma was his girlfriend and also a chef who owned a restaurant.

Wizkid was another popular singer who had many collaborations with other artists.








The story began when Davido and Chioma decided to get married. The news of their upcoming nuptials spread like wildfire, and everyone was excited about it, including Wizkid. However, Wizkid had always had feelings for Chioma, but he never acted on them because he respected his friend, Davido.






As the wedding drew closer, Wizkid became more and more jealous of Davido. He couldn’t bear the thought of his crush marrying someone else, especially not his friend. Wizkid decided to take action and try to win Chioma’s heart before the wedding.







Wizkid started to send Chioma gifts, flowers, and even wrote her love letters. Chioma was flattered but remained loyal to Davido. She thought that Wizkid was just being a good friend and didn’t want to cause any drama.






On the day of the wedding, Wizkid arrived at the venue with a bouquet of flowers for Chioma. Davido was happy to see his friend, but he didn’t suspect anything. The wedding ceremony began, and everything was going smoothly until the priest asked if anyone had any objections.






Suddenly, Wizkid stood up and declared his love for Chioma. He said that he couldn’t let her marry Davido because he loved her too much. Chioma was shocked and didn’t know what to do. Davido was furious and couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

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The wedding turned into a chaotic scene as Wizkid and Davido started fighting over Chioma. Chioma was in tears, and her dream of a perfect wedding was shattered. In the end, the wedding was called off, and the three famous people went their separate ways.





Davido was heartbroken and couldn’t understand why his friend would do something like that. Chioma was confused and didn’t know who to choose. Wizkid realized that he had made a mistake and lost both his friend and the woman he loved.





The story ended tragically for all three of them. Davido lost his love and his friend, Chioma was torn between two men, and Wizkid ended up alone.

The once happy trio had become enemies, and their friendship was destroyed by jealousy and unrequited love.

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  • In the end, they all realized that fame and fortune couldn’t buy happiness or love. They had learned a valuable lesson, and their story became a cautionary tale for anyone who thought that success was everything. They had lost something more valuable than their fame and fortune.



EDITOR’S NOTE:. Emmanuella ORANU is a Corps Member who had her BSc in English Language from the Anambra State University. She is currently on her one year mandatory service with SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS.

She writes the fiction above for entertainment only.

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