What does Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) really want?

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It is condemnations all the time, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) had never for once condemn corruption in high places or commend the present government. It is good to note that not everything was bad about the Goodluck Jonathan administration, at least he gave us Atahiru Jega, he refused to Sign Gay marriage into law in spite of pressures from the super powers.

When Goodluck Jonathan was in power romancing with GO’s and Pastors as if he was elected as Christian President, the Muslims never complained and CAN never see anything bad in it.


President Buhari has never done half of what Goodluck Jonathan did, yet we have a mindset that he wants to impose Islamic religion on Nigeria. This is despite a well known Pastor of impeccable character (Prof. Yemi Osinbajo) as the Vice-President assuring CAN that there was nothing like Islamising Nigeria, it is still the same agitations. Is this what Jesus Christ died for?

With all due respects to anointed men of God in CAN, I want ask a question, on whose interest are they fighting? Is it in the interest of Jesus Christ or those who bears Christian names but are not Christians?
Tolerance is one the attributes of a good Christian and one of the important part of the fruits of the spirit. This is totally absent from the body language of CAN. I have never for once heard CAN openly condemn corruption or preach against it. What is this telling us? It means CAN is in total support of graft that put us in a tight corner of where we are today.
Instead of everyday condemnations, CAN should tell Christians brothers and sisters to join politics en-masse and stop complaining and stop being a spectator.
I am at a loss if CAN is no longer driven by the spirit of God.
If there is any issue afflicting the nation we should condemn it with all available means and garner the support of all without adding religious intonation to it.
I commended Fayose for the law on Herdsmen. He did it for his own people not because he is a Christian or a Muslim. No sane Nigerian would ever support Herdsmen invasion of farms not to talk of killing the farmers.


Christian Association of Nigeria can stage a nationwide protests against herdsmen’s unnecessary killings and maiming Innocent Nigerians. Every right thinking Nigerians will surely come out to support this cause.
CAN should not constitute itself as an opposition or a pressure group that do not see anything good in the present government’s efforts to revamp the economy of the country.
CAN should be seen to play elderly roles for the good of the country.
Let CAN go back to the basics as it written in Acts 1:8.
Those things that CAN should confront spiritually is what they are fighting in the physical.

That is not to say that any agenda, that is, if there is any, to Islamise Nigeria will ever work. It can never work. God will not allow it. Anyone with such agenda will pay with his life.
The government must be seen to play its role to serve every Nigerian equally no matter the religious or ethnic affiliations.
Our religious leaders are not doing enough to bring peaceful co-existence among Nigerians of different faiths and ethnic background.

I would like to see our Islamic and Christian leaders working in tandem to make sure Nigeria become a place to live with our two eyes closed. We cannot afford senseless killings in the name of religion again. Enough is enough!


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