WHAT Sen Remi Tinubu said about her husband, TINUBU

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SENATOR Remi Tinubu has this to say about her husband, the President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed TINUBU.




“I never knew I was getting married to a Jagaban. I thought we will be going for vacation, enjoying ourselves as simple family….




I didn’t bargain for the trauma I suffered during his NADECO days. I’m still suffering from the trauma till date.

He has become father and friend of all, you can’t even say bad things about his friends to him, no matter what the friends have done negatively to him, he won’t disparage his friends before his family and if you have nothing good to say about his friends,you’d better not say anything to him at all.




But I have no iota of regret marrying him, although I didn’t bargain for a life of struggle that he has chosen for himself and obviously, me too….”

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