WHAT Tinubu said when TVC was burnt, The Nation destroyed, getting to the turn of Burdillion by #ENDSARS rioters

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu
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IT was a turbulent time for Nigeria especially Lagos when looters and hoodlums hijacked the ENDSARS protests in October 2020.







The protesters targeted Lagos and individual properties in Lagos instead of heading to the nation’s capital,  Abuja.





One of the individuals targeted was the incumbent President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the Oba of Lagos, Akinolu.





Lagos Mass Transit buses yet to be commissioned were burnt down across the state, TVC, The Nation belonging to Tinubu were destroyed and the Palace of Oba of Lagos razed.

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The haters mobilized themselves heading for Burdillion, the residence of Tinubu in Lagos.





Ayekooto captured the conversation with Tinubu,



Immediately TVC was set on fire and The Nation was being prepared for destruction, JAGABAN was contacted by close associates on the possible destruction of burdillion after these two, he was asked on what should be removed from the building JUST IN CASE.

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JAGABAN thanked the caller and said “Move only human beings away from the house. Do not call any security because none must shed blood in front of my house. Do not remove a pin from the building too because I don’t know which of those items must be burnt for my life to be elongated.

I knew those who would have loved to lose this whole world just for God to spare their lives but who are no more. Let them burn it, those items didn’t make me, I made them, it is GOD who made me and as long as HE remains on the throne, I will not be destroyed by enemies of my destiny…..Let it burn, let them leave Lagos alone…”




The truth about life is that GOD does some things to prevent other things from happening.

In all of these, we say TO GOD BE THE GLORY 🙏.”

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