Who is Senator Mudasiru Oyetunde Hussein?

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Mudasiru Oyetunde Hussein is a Nigerian politician who represented the Alliance for Democracy for two terms (1999-2007) in the House of Representatives in Oshodi-Isolo Federal Constituency, Lagos.[1]

He was elected Senator for Osun West in Osun State, Nigeria in the April 2011 national elections, running on the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) platform.


Hussein was born in Ejigbo on October 25, 1955 in the State of Osun.

Political career

Alhaji Mudasiru Oyetunde Hussein was elected as a representative for Oshodi-Isolo in Lagos State in 1999 as a member of the Alliance for Democracy party from 1999-2007

  • In February 2004, Mudasiru Hussein said that the House might invite President Olusegun Obasanjo to explain where he got N360million that was said to have been spent on demolishing all the toll gates in the country.[3]
  • In November 2004, Hussein stated that the rising numbers of military politicians in the nation’s polity would bring virile and stable democracy.[4]
  • In June 2005, Mudasiru Hussein called for the discovery of those behind the murder of one of the major financiers of the Oranmiyan group, Alhaji Hassan Olajokun, as essential to ensure Nigeria’s nascent democracy would survive.[2]
  • The same month, Mudasiru Hussein said agitation for increase in resource control would be eliminated by the “Mineral Resources Commission Bill”, which would allow regions to take care of their resources.[5]
  • In January 2006, Mudashiru Hussein said the Nigerian constitution did not allow for a third term for President Olusegun Obasanjo.


Senator Mudasiru Hussein Vs The Adelekes

History had it that Adeleke’s family and Senator Mudasiru Hussein have been in political battles for survival in Osogbo dated back to Action Congress days in 2007 when Hussein slugged it out with Senator Isiaka Adeleke (Serubawon) in an election that was said to have been marred by massive rigging and ballot snatching.

Standing for the Action Congress in the Senatorial elections for Osun West, he was defeated by Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke. Hussein appealed the election decision, presenting evidence that included video clips showing ballot boxes being taken away by thugs and voters being threatened with dangerous weapons, but the tribunal did not consider this sufficient enough to overturn the result.

He lost at the Election Tribunal but challenged Isiaka Adeleke again the second time at the polls in 2011 Senatorial contest for Osun West.

Hussein defeated his closest rival, Senator Isiaka Adeleke who was still serving in the Senate with a margin of 121,971 votes to 77,090 in their return match in April 2011.

Hussein won with a difference of 44,881 at a time when PDP was a ruling party under one umbrella.

In 2015, Hussein conceded the position to Senator Isiaka Adeleke on a mutual agreement of his party (APC) to welcome Adeleke who had just decamped to APC. Senator Adeleke won the election thus becoming serving Senator for the second time until his sudden death on April 25, 2017 that made the position vacant at the Senate.

The death of Senior Adeleke prompted his younger brother, Ademola Adeleke, a business mogul to come out to contest to serve the two years balance of his brother at the Senate. He was said not to be a card carrying member of APC but got clearance at the National Headquarters while his closest rival Senator Mudasiru Hussein was disqualified with the excuse that he failed to resign within a month to the primary elections.

In an appeal with the National Working Committee of APC, Hussien disqualification was reversed and given a clearance to contest under the banner of his party.

The information of clearance of Hussein prompted the withdrawal from the race and resignation of Dr. Ademola Adeleke from APC and his subsequent defection to a faction of PDP.

Senator Mudasiru stand the chance of carrying the day on July 8, 2017:

  • Having been an experienced politician who had served two terms in lower chamber of the House of Representative and a one-time Senator.
  • Other advantage he had over his closest rival is his vast experience as a democrat and a progressive.
  • Third advantage over other contestants was Hussein’s acceptance by all party faithfuls as a loyal and dedicated member of his party, APC.

His loyalty, humility and worthy character prompted the governor of the State of Osun to appoint him as one of his cabinet members in his second term recently.

The electorates would decide if Dr. Demola Adeleke could win the election through sympathy votes on July 8, 2017.

Only time will tell!


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