Who wants Ibrahim Magu dead?

Who wants Ibrahim Magu dead?
Who wants Ibrahim Magu dead?
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It was reported that armed gangs invaded the home of the EFCC boss, Ibrahim Magu yesterday night, did not succeed in killing him but killed one of the policemen on guard.
This young guy must not die fighting the cause of Nigeria.
The federal government is not doing enough to support the EFCC. Not too long ago, we heard in the news that a former DSS boss, Ekpenyong Ita resisted being arrested by the EFCC for corrupt allegations.
We were told that the security details of the former DSS boss resisted the EFCC men who came with arrest warrant from arresting Ekpenyong. Too bad.

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The two security agencies were under the presidency, up till now there had not been any action or statement from the presidency calling the DSS men to order.
Am sure if the EFCC men were not matured enough, there would have been bloodbath on that fateful day. The EFCC men should be commended for being professional. It would have been a different story had anyone pulled a trigger. The presidency would then have come out strongly against the security agencies if this had happened.
The question is, must we wait until things escalates before we take action? Or are we in George O’well’s Animal Farm where “all animals are equal but some are more equal than the others”?
If we are not ready to pull the bull by the horn, it would be better we jettison this fight against corruption.
The Sargent whose life was sniffed out yesterday was a victim of the fight against corruption. He should not be allowed to die in vain. The ambush should be properly investigated and the culprits brought to book.

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Whoever is allegedly accused of corrupt practices should go and defend himself in the court of law.
President Buhari do not need the National Assembly approval to call his security agencies under his portfolio to order. By not taken immediate action shows the presidency is not in full support of EFCC arresting the former DSS boss.
We need immediate action in full support of EFCC by the presidency.
Magu led EFCC are doing a good job.
He must not be allowed to be mowed down by unrepentant corrupt elements in our midst.
What is worth doing is worth doing well. If corruption is the only battle President Buhari confronts and win, so be it.

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