WHY Boonbac Social Media App Stands Out Among The Rest – ELEMO-OLUOMO, CHIEF ONIFADE

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THE Chairman/CEO Boonbac Social Media App, Elemo-Oluomo of Ikirun, High Chief Bamidele Marauf Onifade has given reasons why boonbac.com stands out among its contemporaries in the Social Media enclave.


Chief Onifade, while speaking with SOJ WORLDWIDE Correspondent, itemized robust uniqueness of boonbac over others considering the benefits on easy payments on earnings, seamless audio and video callings and showcasing of talents on live program.


The Chairman of Delonifera also gave insight into other unlimited reach to target audiences and clients by corporate and private users.

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Easy Payment on Your Earnings

Boonbac App not only empowers you to showcase your talent but also ensures you get rewarded effortlessly. With easy payment options integrated right into the platform, you can securely receive earnings from your performances and engagements.



Seamless Audio and Video Calling

Experience crystal-clear communication with seamless audio and video calling features. Whether you’re collaborating with fellow creators or connecting with your audience, our app ensures that every interaction is smooth and immersive.


Go Live to Showcase Your Talent and shows
Step onto the global stage and share your passion with the world. Our app allows you to go live instantly, enabling you to broadcast your shows, performances, and creativity in real-time. Engage with your audience like never before and build a loyal fan base.

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With Boonbac App, the World is Your Stage
Break free from geographical limitations and unleash your potential on a global scale. Our App empowers you to reach audiences far and wide, turning your passion into a profession. Whether you’re an artist, entertainer, educator, or influencer, Boonbac platform provides the tools and community support you need to shine.



Join us today and discover why our app is the ultimate choice for creators who want to thrive in the digital age. Embrace innovation, connect effortlessly, and turn your dreams into reality.

For Iphone users; go to AppleStore,
For Android phone users; go to playstore.

Search for Boonbac, Download and sign up for free today.

And let the world becomes your stage and your talent shine brighter than ever before!

Boonbac! Made for Africa and beyond.

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