Wife seeks divorce over hubby’s alleged irresponsibility

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A housewife, Mrs Salamat Ahmed, who accused her husband, Mr Musa Abdulmutalib, of being irresponsible and having a nonchalant attitude, on Wednesday, filed a suit for divorce at an Area Court, Centre-Igboro, in Ilorin, Kwara State.

The petitioner informed the court that her husband did not provide enough food for the family and was not caring

Ahmed stated that when she was hospitalised on two occasions, the respondent allegedly refused to visit her.

She also told the customary court that her mother-in-law was a traditional caregiver and her husband insisted that she must patronise her anytime she wanted to give birth, adding that she was delivered of two of her children in her place.


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“Unfortunately, I always have psychological problems each time I give birth at my mother-in-law’s place, which has never happened in my lineage before.

“I didn’t want to go to my mother-in-law the second time, but my husband insisted and even when I had a problem after birth, my husband still refused, until my parents took me to the hospital.

“I also had an accident with the baby after a year and my husband refused to visit the hospital until I was discharged and met him at home doing nothing,” she said.


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The petitioner further stated that she could no longer marry the respondent, saying that he did not respect her feelings and would only provide for the family’s needs after his mother’s consent.

“My husband always gives my mother-in-law money to buy foodstuff and everything we need at home, without asking me for what we need at home, and does not give me money at all,” she said.

However, the respondent told the court that he was still interested in the relationship and had tried to settle their misunderstanding by calling her and also visiting his in-laws to no avail.

He stated that the petitioner always complained of his inability to provide for the family and went as far as informing his elder brother whom he worked with as an Islamic teacher.


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“My wife always complains to my elder brother who also doubles as my boss in the office of my inability to provide for the family, which makes him abuse me all the time.

“She collected different gifts from my brother and used them to abuse me that I am not responsible and disgraced me in the presence of outsiders,” he said.

The court president, Hammad Ajumobi, in his ruling, said the couple had three problems, but the most among them was that of Alfa Olowo, who usually interfered in their relationship without the husband’s consent.

Ajumobi said the respondent was wrong for not showing care and concern for his wife, especially when she was hospitalised.

He therefore advised the respondent to be conscious of his dealings with his wife, saying that there should be a different space for mother and wife in a husband’s heart.

The court said Shari’a law allowed room for settlement when the partner involved still showed interest, but there was no force in marriage when the partner involved was no longer interested.

Consequently, the case was adjourned to November 22 for a report of settlement or hearing but added that if the respondent refused to do the needful, the marriage would be dissolved.


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