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BENUE KILLINGS: It is FIRE for FIRE, time to defend yourselves has come!, ORTOM DARES KILLER HERDSMEN!


The governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom seemed to have been pushed to the wall with incessant Killings going on in Benue State almost everyday.

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Ortom is now saying ‘enough is enough’ to the killer herdsmen in the video published by AIT ONLINE monitored by SOJ WORLDWIDE,

In the video one of the participants in the gathering chaired by Governor Ortom said,

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“The proscribed IPOB… IPOB’ did not kill anybody as of that time. IPOB shot no gun and IPOB was proscribed as a terrorists group. Now there people (killer Herdsmen) are taking sophisticated weapons and they are all over the country. Until this moment, the Fulani killer herdsmen have not been proscribed as a terrorists group and they are the worst terrorists group on earth.”

“It means that, if you are silent over evil you are part of the evil.”


Ortom who has already lost his cool charged the women to become men henceforth and defend themselves with whatever weapons at their disposal.

“Everyone who is a Benue man or woman, women for this reason as a Governor of Benue State, I have upgraded women to be men in Benue State.”


“Every woman in Benue State, take the weapons that you can confront our enemies wherever they are.  Bring your AK-47, we would bring our own locally powerful arrows, and spears and cutlasses and deal with the situation.”

“There was time for Killings but the time for killings have gone.  Today, it is time to live and to work to exercise our faith and fight for the soul of our state and the soul of our nation.”

“No more crying again, we are not crying.”





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