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SEASON 15:. Knocks for Yoruba actors who are laying bad legacies, Baba Ijesha, Princess, others from AREOLA YETUNDE

A young woman who is known as Areola Yetunde Lamidi took to her Facebook account to blast the current Yoruba Nolllywood actors for their failures to retain the values of our forefathers in the theatre industry.

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Yetunde in the video took a swipe at Baba Ijesha, Princess, her supporters and the theatre industry.

“In reality, I am less concerned about Baba Ijesha s*xual scandal but silence may be dangerous. What Baba Ijesha did was very shameful and disgraceful. Too bad.  To be objective, who caused all these controversies if not the theatre practitioners.”

She said,   “You are shameless, someone among you committed atrocity and it did not occur to you that the stigma affects all of you!”

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“You are totally shameless, your acting no longer teach morals, there is no longer anything to learn from your movies.”

“You better go back to your senior colleagues in the industry who are role models to their fans.”

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“If you have not appeared nude in your movies, kissing married women with deep kissing you have not done anything.  If you have not romanced a lady to the extent that if you are not disciplined one will be tempted to commit immorality.”

“You are all bad examples to our little kids. Your acting have corrupted our children to the extent that they are more knowledgeable than their parents.”

“There is nothing to learn from your acting except moral decadence.”

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Yetunde went further to say that in spite of the troubles in the land, our actors always look the other ways except Baba Ijesha issues that they are taking as a matter of life and death.

She took a swipe at Princess and her supporters who are avenging alleged Incident that had happened seven years ago not considering the damages they must have done to the girl.

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