CASHLESS POLICY: FRESH FM Popular Radio Presenter slumps and died while trekking from home

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A Popular Radio Presenter with Fresh FM (105.9fm) popularly known as BINTIN LAYE slumped and died on his way to present OJO OJA PROGRAM.





According to one of his colleagues, Bintin-laye would not have died but for the unpopular Cashless Policy that has denied millions of Nigerians access to their cash in the bank.







Olarinde Immanuel wrote on his Facebook Page,

“Which country are we where you are suffering money you have in your bank account, see what happened this morning in Ibadan, Baba Bintin was leaving his house to work at Fresh FM Ibadan and His brother Komolafe Olaiya talking about him after some minutes the news we heard was the man collapse and died due to what Government put us.





God will judge the heartless government in Jesus might name Rip Baba Bintin laye.”






Another friend, Jubreel Bayonle wrote,

“Posterity will judge our leaders for the untold hardships and untimely deaths we’re facing at this time in our Nation.

The news just broke live of one of the presenters of Fresh FM Ibadan, Baba Bintilaye, who slumped and died on his way while trekking to work. All in the name of this cashless policy.

My heart goes to the entire Fresh FM Nigeria family. Accept my condolences.

Baba Komolafe Olaiya, God knows I’m typing this with tears in my eyes. Ẹ pẹlẹ ẹ ku ara fẹra ku.”







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