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DOUBLE EDGE: Time bomb waiting to explode as ASUU, FG take students for granted for seven months by Adesoji Omosebi

Adesoji Omosebi
Adesoji Omosebi

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) have become a thorn in the flesh of the Federal Government (FG) since the union was established many years ago.

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The faceoff between the ASUU and the FG predated President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration which means the demands did not just start under this administration.

The truth of the matter is that the government cannot be trusted with their promises. They have been known to breach agreements hence you can hardly blame ASUU for their insistence that its demands must be met before returning to classes.

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Government, according to Pa Chief Obafemi Awolowo of the blessed memory said, “government is a continuum”. This present administration cannot meet all the demands of the union especially now that the country is in a deep recession when the government is desperately looking for money to borrow to meet its financial obligations.

This is a wrong time for ASUU to insist that the federal government must meet its demands.

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Under the present dispensation, ASUU as a pressure group seemed to be insensitive to the present economic recession that bedevilled the country with the devastating blow of the six months hardship Nigerians faced as a result of COVID-19 pandemic disease.  

As if that was not enough, this year also came with it, spontaneous violence across the country over the ENDSARS protests in which lives and properties were lost.

In all of these tragedies, ASUU never made any comment to show concern as if they came from the moon. One begins to wonder if they are part of the system. You begin to wonder, on whose interest are they fighting if not for their personal interests.  The hues and cries of Nigerians over sexual abuse in Nigerian universities do not concern ASUU neither do the insensitive increase of petrol pump price and electricity tariff concerns them either.

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The ENDSARS disaster would have been averted or the number of casualties reduced had the students were in their various campuses but it is non of the business of ASUU provided their demands are met.

No matter how long the faceoff would last, it would eventually come to an end. Meanwhile, students have lost substantial academic activities as a result of prolonged faceoff of two taskmasters.

Toiling with the future of the youths is a crime against humanity.

Too much of everything is bad. Meanwhile, private universities are running without any interruption, none of the children of the contending forces attends public universities.

Enough of taken future of these promising youths for granted!

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With all these recalcitrant attitudes of ASUU, they will still collect seven months salaries they never worked for. Where is the morality here?

The federal government took Nigerians for granted for too long hence the results of the tight corner we found ourselves today. Why are we so insincere to one another.  Both parties are not sincere and sensitive to the plight of these innocent students and their poor parents.

The pretension on the part of ASUU that they are fighting for quality and quantitative education in Nigeria is a ruse. They failed to remove ‘beam’ in their eyes but would like to remove the ‘mote’ the eyes of the federal government.

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Only God can explain the hell students are going through in these past months at home doing nothing.

Another battleground is awaiting them at their various campuses, this ranges from sex-for-marks, hand-out-for marks and so many demoralising actions of some lecturers. 

Prolonging this strike action without a compromise between the federal government and ASUU could spell another doom to a country just recovering from COVID-19 and ENDSARS palaver.

It is not too late to settle this overdue crisis before these students lose their temper and turn against their lecturers. 

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It takes precautions to prevent violence but when it gets out of control it may be out of control to control it.

A word is enough for the wise.

Note: This writeup is a personal opinion of the writer, it does not in any way reflect the editorial stand of SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS.

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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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