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ENDSARS: I am disappointed CBN freeze my account for fighting for a better Nigeria – RACHAEL ODUALA

ENDSARS Protester, Rachael Oduala
ENDSARS Protester, Rachael Oduala

Ms Rachael Oduala is one of the ENDSARS activists whose accounts were frozen by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for being part of the peaceful protesters that participated in the ENDSARS protests in October, 2020.

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In Osun State three persons are already in Ilesha prison custody for being part of the protests with allegations of arson and murder.

No decision yet on Miss Queen Fisayo Aderemi and Babalola Popoola who were arrested on Friday for being WhatsApp Administrators for the groups of the ENDSARS protesters

They visited the Osun State Police Command on Monday on the invitation of the police.

Racheal Oduala who agreed to be part of the Judicial Panel set up by the government to investigate the brutality meted out to innocent Nigerians had her account frozen.

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Oduala said she is not afraid of the government’s plot as the demands of young persons are not beyond their constitutional rights.

ENDSARS Protester, Rachael Oduala
ENDSARS Protester, Rachael Oduala

“I am not afraid—I am only disappointed that this country will treat me this way. Nigeria is all I have, and I have a right to demand that it works for all of us, not just those with influence, wealth, or a government position,” she said.

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“In a country that people have been voiceless for a long time, people holding the government accountable is being seen as too much? How can we ensure that this sort of thing will encourage people to build a new Nigeria?

“A Nigeria that will be filled with accountable government officials, where all forms of oppressions and injustice is a thing of the past. How do you expect me as a part of the future of this country to still believe in a country who thinks they have the right through CBN to freeze my account for no just cause.”

Oduala said she agreed to be a youth representative on the Lagos judicial panel to show that the protest was not to fight the government.

She lamented that the government sees her existence as a threat despite how she struggles to make ends meet.

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“We called for among other things, a probe into the killings and torture of people and the government agreed by setting up judicial panels. In order to assure young people of the independence and fairness of the panel I took up the role as a youth representative at the detriment of my education, personal life and family,” the activist said.

“I did this to make peace. I did to ensure our young people understood that the only way to create a better and safer Nigeria is to do things lawfully. Why am I still being targeted for lending the government my good will.

“I study, selling hoodies and other clothing for ₦5,000 to pay my school fees. I also do the odd bit of freelancing, taking on some brand influencing work to ensure my family doesn’t suffer. Somehow, however, my existence threatens my government, the fact that I have a voice is enough for them to try to silence me.

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“In the Nigeria I am fighting for, it wouldn’t matter that I am a child of nobody coming from the average Nigerian home. The Nigeria I am fighting for is one that prioritizes every voice, protects every inalienable right, even mine.

“I decided to use the only currency I have, my voice to speak up against extrajudicial killings, torture, extortion and unjust harassment that is still happening in a democratic nation in the 21st century! The government also agreed that reform is inevitable and promised us they were going to listen so why punish the same people that are speaking up?”


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